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Chapter 267: You Never Had  A Brain

“Go tell Zhang Lan.” Gu Yan smiled, and her novel face suddenly glared, but with an oppressive threshold, she continued, “Oh, seeing you like a godless master, should Zhang Lan be waiting for you at the school gates Let me guess, did she say something Then I will have to guess again.

When you see her, ask her if she went to see a man at the police station.”

Gu Yan constantly recalled about Zhang Lan and the blacksmith a few months ago.

Gu Yans intimidating character scared Gu Moli.

She took a few steps back and pointed fingers at her with a trembling voice.

“Gu Yan, how have you changed!”

The former Gu Yan was timid, quiet, and very scared of Zhang Lan.

Those were the instances why Gu Moli would wickedly bully Gu Yan and yell at her.

But the current Gu Yan… made Gu Moli feel strange and terrified.

She took two steps back.

Gu Moli was confused why would Gu Yan say that her mother Zhang Lan went to the police station nor did she know the man.

Somehow she realized she was slightly afraid of this strange Gu Yan.

Gu Moli suddenly recalled that ever since Gu Yan enlisted in the army last year, she became weirder and weirder.

She didnt even go back home during New Year.

Now, she was greatly domineering towards her.

Has Gu Yan developed courage because of his training in the army

Or has she fostered some comrades and took the liberty of going against his family

During the New Year, Gu Moli went to visit Zhang Cuihua on purpose.

Gu Moli was shocked to hear what Zhang Cuihua had to say about Gu Yan.

But even so, Gu Moli hated Gu Yan to have an easy life, so she urged Zhang Cuihua to find trouble for Gu Yan after returning from the army.

Zhang Cuihua was stupid to believe her.

As for the promise of sending her to a prestigious primary academy… it was a lie.

It was Zhang Cuihuas fault that she had no brain.

However, she waited for this long and didnt get a reply.

One could see that Zhang Cuihua wasnt able to do anything to Gu Yan.

Gu Moli was too well protected by Zhang Lan, so she didnt experience much.

Her pitiful EQ wasnt enough to face the current Gu Yan.

Gu Yan still sat there holding her book calmly.

She suddenly sneered, “Should I not change Should I keep letting myself get bullied by you guys Gu Moli, did you forget to bring your brain out” She looked up and smiled coldly.

“Oh, I forgot that you have no brain.”

“You!” Gu Moli was so angry she couldnt breathe.

Gu Yan smiled “Gu Moli, instead of staring at me here, you might as well go prepare for your test.

Bai Weiyang got this opportunity just for you.”

‘Right, the test!

Gu Moli woke up instantly, but she hoped she didnt.

Because… she was destined to fail this test!

The sense of danger from the test immediately made her forget her fear of Gu Yan.

She said, “Gu Yan, if you help me pass this test I wont tell mom that you bullied me today.”

“Really” Gu Yan smiled.

Gu Moli hated this smile of Gu Yans.

It made her feel that Gu Yan was looking down on her.

She frowned.

“Of course.

No matter how tough your wings are, you are still moms daughter.

This is an undeniable fact.”

“Who said that it was undeniable And,” Gu Yan smiled dangerously.

“I really hope you would tell Zhang Lan that I bullied you today.

So, I really cant help you.”

“What” Gu Moli was dumbfounded.

She didnt understand what Gu Yan meant!


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