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Chapter 259: I Love You

Gu Yan realized she didnt know how to respond.

Her face blushed as she said, “Alright, lets eat.

Im hungry.”

“Im hungry too, wifey.” Lu Ye pinched Gu Yans little face.

It felt great.

He struggled to keep his hands away.

He only stopped when he didnt want the dishes to get cold.

After the two had their intimate meal, it had already gotten late.

Lu Ye didnt let Gu Yan clean up the dishes.

He hugged her without doing anything further.

“Yan, after your results come out, Principal Gao will call me.

Ill call you right away.”

“Mhm.” Gu Yan hugged Lu Yes waist and leaned her face against his chest.

The two tightly hugged each other.

Gu Yan felt like she could do this forever.

She didnt want to let go.

Lu Ye kissed Gu Yans long hair and said, “Wifey, Ill send you back.”

Although Captain Lu really wanted his wife to stay, he knew it was impossible.

This feeling was really hard to bear.

Gu Yan looked up and kissed his lips saying, “Lu Ye, I love you.”

Lu Ye: !!!

Moments earlier, Captain Lu felt very conflicted and couldnt bear to part with his wife.

However, he knew that sending her back was the best decision.

Yet, in the next second, he heard the most beautiful sentence in the world.

‘I love you.

Lu Ye inched closer to Gu Yan and kissed her.

The two used to be sitting on the couch.

Now, Lu Ye was pressing Gu Yan below him.

The two stuck together tightly.

“Gu Yan, wait for me to marry you!”

Usually, when Lu Ye spoke, he was very casual, as if he was merely teasing.

But just now, he said the sentence with his utmost sincerity.

He delivered it solemnly and seriously.

Perhaps this promise was from the bottom of his heart.

Gu Yan nodded.

She smiled.

Eventually, Lu Ye still had to send Gu Yan back.

On the way, the two interlocked their fingers tightly.

They didnt want to part for a second.

The longer they dated, the more they didnt want to separate.

People who loved each other wanted to be with each other every moment.

Lu Ye sighed.

“Wifey, I feel that every time I see you, I seemed to have become a different person.

“Different person”

“Yes, I cant control myself.

When you smile, I smile.

When you feel down, I feel down.

When youre tense, Im nervous too.

When you were having your exam today, you dont know how nervous I was outside.

I was more nervous than you!”

Lu Ye felt quite strange about himself being like this.

But that feeling wasnt bad at all.

If someone could influence your emotions, it meant that this person was very important in your heart.

Gu Yan squeezed Lu Yes hand and grinned.


The two special training grounds werent close.

They had to take a tram mid-way.

Lu Ye could drop Gu Yan back with a car, but he felt that would be too quick, so the two walked and took the tram.

Despite so, they got to their destination really swiftly.

At the gates, Lu Ye sighed.

“Why didnt I feel it was so near before”

Gu Yan smiled.

“Okay, go back soon.

Pack up and you will be off to your mission.

Be careful.”

“Mhm, I will.” Lu Ye smiled brightly.

“Im someone with a family!”


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