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Chapter 251: Natural Enemies

While Bai Weiyang was searching for Gu Yans test papers, Gu Yan had finished lunch with Lu Ye.

They were sitting on the wooden chairs.

“There used to be a patch of trees here, but campus partners, sweethearts, and couples wandered here to date so the school authorities ordered the chopping of big trees and filled the area with bushes.”

“Did you wander at the place to date while the trees were still standing” Gu Yan looked at Lu Yes handsome face and the smile at the corner of his mouth.

Lu Ye immediately said, “I didnt date before.

Who would I come here with”


“Sigh, no.” Lu Ye eventually said, “Okay, if you really insist, I really did come here, but I was with Lin Haoran.

That time, I was fighting with him and we scared off the couples dating.

Eventually, Principal Gao came over.”

Lu Ye laughed.

She could imagine that scene.

It was truly interesting.

To be honest, Lu Ye and Lin Haoran were ultimate enemies.

Gu Yan squeezed Lu Yes hand and asked, “Is there a place to date in the First Empire Academy”

“Yeah.” Lu Ye answered too quickly and immediately realized something wasnt right.

He looked at Gu Yan and saw her smiling at him.

Her smile was quite deep.

He quickly said, “Wifey, I often saw different female students draw near and meet with Bai Changle! You dont even know.

Bai Changle was like a butterfly that flew amongst flowers.

He flirted with girls all day and used me as a shield!”

In fact, whether Lu Ye really dated before or not, Gu Yan wouldnt mind.

After all, she wasnt a part of Lu Yes life at that time.

It was fine, as long as Lu Ye will only have her from now on.

“Okay, I need to go now and have my exam.

If you feel bored, just go somewhere else and go back here.

Ill just give you a call when Im done with the exam.”

“Ill wait for you.


Lu Ye could have waited somewhere else, but he would be worried as well, so he thought to might as well stay at the school.

He felt safer here.

Gu Yan could only let him to where he desires to be.

Lu Ye eyed her off and suddenly sighed.

Why did he have the feeling of a father sending his daughter to exams

Even though she knew Lu Ye was outside and couldnt see her, Gu Yan still felt very secured.

She was calmer and her thoughts processed better when she answered the questions.

She never stopped writing since she started writing and answering.

Even Sun Xingyu was astonished.

The other two teachers were dumbfounded too.

She was accomplishing the exam too fast!

The exams were answered swiftly, and soon, Gu Yans last two exams were done.

Sun Xingyu taught Chinese.

She didnt know how well Gu Yan did with the other subjects.

However, the math teacher and geography teacher, and the supervisor, all looked at Gu Yans test papers with shock.

The math teacher said, “Gu Yan, your way of solving equations is very innovative.

I cant wait to mark your papers!”

Gu Yan smiled and said nothing.

Sun Xingyu still took Gu Yans papers and let the other two teachers go back to their offices first.

Then, she said to Gu Yan, “Gu Yan, come with me to my office.”



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