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Chapter 230: Playing Tricks

“Its nothing.” Xie Luan buried the thoughts deep inside her.

She covered it up with a gentle smile.

“Weiyang, you seem more mature nowadays.”

Bai Weiyang grinned.

“Well, mom and dad taught me well.”

Xie Luan lifted the corners of her lips, but she didnt respond anymore.

To be honest, she really didnt teach Bai Weiyang anything because she had always been feeble and sick.

When she gave birth to her second child, she fell unconscious for two weeks.

Everyone feared for her life.

Bai Weiyang decided to chat with Xie Luan for a bit before leaving.

Following her departure, Xie Luan closed the door.

Thereafter, the latter grabbed the slightly cold milk and leaned back on her chair.

She was certain she had seen that jade pendant before.

To be specific, she previously owned one exactly similar to the one Gu Yan was wearing.

“Is this really a coincidence” Xie Luan felt distraught.

She had been pondering this question for a while.

Perhaps authors like her were naturally more sensitive.

She drank some milk and said to herself,I need to find time and visit the antique shop again.

She closed her eyes.

This time around, Xie Luan could honestly admit the improvement of her condition.

The usual headache she had was now alleviated.

She even looked forward to seeing Gu Yan next time.

Bai Weiyang had just left the study room.

Earlier, Xie Luan seemed a bit strange.

She couldnt pinpoint what was particularly wrong.

However, she was smart enough to know she shouldnt ask directly.

After learning she wasnt Xie Luans daughter, Bai Weiyang had been cautious for the past years.

She was worried Xie Luan would begin to look into things once she became unhappy.

Hence, she didnt dare to confront the other person.

Nevertheless, Bai Weiyang didnt feel secure.

For a person who was used to having things in her control, she wouldnt allow herself to be insecure.

Bai Weiyang went downstairs.

She almost collided with Bai Changle.

Bai Changle frowned.

“Weiyang, what is occupying your mind Why are you so distracted”

“Brother.” Bai Weiyangs eyes shifted.

She quickly conjured an excuse.

“I am thinking of mom.

She looks much better today.

Where did both of you go during the day”

Bai Changle sneered, “You just want to know where mom and I went today.

Arent you tired of asking me in a roundabout way”

“Brother, can you not be like this” Bai Weiyang frowned.

Her tone was bitter.

“You werent like this to me before.

Why are you like this now If I did anything wrong, can you just tell me what it is I can change it, cant I”

Bai Changle only felt irked by her insincere words.

Just when he was about to say something, someone patted him on the back, causing him to almost jump up.

When he turned around, he saw his grandfather glaring at him.

He was approaching 80.

Nevertheless, his body remained fit.

Unfortunately for his grandchildren, the fist he beat them up with was still formidable.

He appeared angry.

“Changle, are you bullying your sister again!”

Bai Changle immediately realized Bai Weiyang immediately put on an aggrieved expression earlier after noticing their grandfather!

What a crafty person!

They were family, but she would stoop to such a level just to deceive others.

Bai Changle frowned and rubbed his sore shoulder.

“Grandpa, I didnt bully Bai Weiyang!”

“Shes your sister! Why are you calling her Bai Weiyang!”

Bai Changle understood that his grandfather favored the girl because the latter was charmed by Bai Weiyangs acting.

Hence, he had no other way out but to excuse himself.

Now, he appreciates Gu Yan even better.

At least, she will never resort to dirty tricks in front of her family.


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