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Chapter 227: If He Dares To Bully You

“Im glad to help.” Gu Yan smiled and said, “Godmother, how about this Im entitled to have two days of rest each month.

From now on, I will allocate those days to ease up your headache.

Do you think you can find the time for it”

“This is great, of course, but Xiao Yan, wouldnt that be too troublesome for you”

“Youre my godmother now.

Theres no such thing as troublesome,” Gu Yan responded as she wore her usual smile.

Xie Luan smiled back at her as she truly felt relief from Gu Yans massage.

She added, “Okay then, we can also meet at Lu Yes place.”

This way, Gu Yan would be able to see Lu Ye more.

A good idea indeed, to which Gu Yan agreed happily.

Xie Luan suddenly remembered she told Bai Changle to bring clothes.

“Last time, I asked Bai Changle to bring you a woolen sweater.

How do you feel Does it fit”

Gu Yan has not tried the sweater yet.

Lu Ye got easily jealous.

If she wore the sweater, chances were Captain Lu would have exploded from sheer anger.

Gu Yan answered awkwardly, “Godmother, I didnt know you gave me that sweater.

I thought it was…”

“Oh, I understand.” Xie Luan smiled deeply.

She shook her head.

“To be honest, I was quite shocked when I heard you were dating Lu Ye.

Lu Ye is from the south, and I know both of his parents.

His temper is unpredictable.

Its a good thing that he genuinely cares about you, but if he dares to hurt you, tell godmother.”

“Mhm, okay.” Gu Yan went back into her room and tried the woolen sweater on herself.

Xie Luan eyed the jade pendant hanging off Gu Yans neck.

Gu Yan didnt notice it.

After she pulled the sweater down, it concealed the pendant once again.

Xie Luans eyes flashed with confusion, but she said nothing.

“The size is perfect.” Gu Yan tidied the sweater and smiled at Xie Luan.

Xie Luan nodded with a smile.

“Mhm, good indeed.”

They talked for a while but Xie Luan seemed absent-minded.

Gu Yan thought Xie Luan was tired, so she said, “Godmother, you still need to rest.

You shouldnt get too tired.”

“Mhm, look at me, just sitting here chatting, and I already feel exhausted.

Xiao Yan, I need to go back.

At months end, come over again and massage me.”

“Sure.” Gu Yan had made up her mind.

She would buy more herbs to feed the jade pendant, so it could treat Xie Luan!

Meanwhile, Lu Ye and Bai Changle walked back.

Lu Ye watched Bai Changle leave with Xie Luan.

He turned around and saw the woolen jumper on his wife.

How could Gu Yan not know what Captain Lu was thinking

Before his jealousy exploded, she quickly said, “Godmother gave me this sweater.

She asked if it fitted on me, so I put it on.”

“Oh.” Lu Ye took a good look at it.

“You can wear this with the coat I bought you before.

Yan Yan, have you decided to be Aunty Xies goddaughter”


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