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Chapter 224: I Heard You Hugged My Wife

Bai Changle gasped and said, “Mom, if youre going to take Gu Yan as goddaughter, then Lu Ye will be my little brother-in-law”

Bai Changle looked proudly at Lu Ye and raised his chin.

Lu Ye ignored Bai Changle.

Instead, he diverted his glance at Gu Yan and said, “You decide for yourself on this, Gu Yan.”

In hindsight, Lu Ye knew Gu Yan would benefit as Xie Luans goddaughter.

Lu Ye saw success in everything he did all these years, primarily due to his effort, but also because the Lu family supported his endeavors.

Lu Ye couldnt care less about becoming enemies with Lin Haoran and Bai Weiyang.

His utmost priority was to not let anything happen to Gu Yan.

But what if he went out on a mission

Lu Ye believed Gu Yan was wise and self-aware.

He would respect Gu Yans decision, whatever it was.

In her mind, Gu Yan was greatly torn.

Emotions were running high.

At the same time, she had to take Xie Luans condition into consideration.

After an awkward silence, Gu Yan spoke softly, “Lu Ye, can you go out with Captain Bai for a moment”

Lu Ye didnt mind.

Bai Changle glanced at Xie Luan.

Xie Luan nodded at him.

Lu Ye dragged Bai Changle and walked out, slamming the door behind them.

Bai Changle scowled.

“Lu Ye, what are you doing Cant you be more gentle My arm got a spasm from you!”

“I want to talk to you about something.”

“What is it Talk with your mouth, not your hands!” Bai Changle had brawled with Lu Ye too many times.

The kid didnt care about his life every time he fought.

Its for this reason that although Lin Haoran and Lu Ye never got along, the two rarely got into a fight.

Or whenever they did, Lin Haoran was always hesitant.

Because he always got the shorter end of the stick.

Lu Ye rarely suffered defeat.

Lu Ye suddenly smiled and asked, “Bai Changle, did you hug my wife that day”

He proceeded to crack his knuckles.

Tension built up and became evident in Bai Changle.

It was best to say the truth.

No matter how much Gu Yan impressed Bai Changle, he would never go for his friends girlfriend.

Bai Changle explained succinctly, “I apologize for what happened.

It was only on that day I learned about the fact that Gu Yan was the one who saved my mom.

I was elated.

I hugged Comrade Gu Yan out of sheer joy.

Nothing more.

In fact, I didnt realize that I hugged her and let go as soon as I did.

I kept my distance from Comrade Gu Yan.

Im telling the truth.

If mother finally decides to take Gu Yan as her goddaughter, then she would be my little sister.

I plan nothing but to become a good brother to her, nothing more.

Lu Ye, weve known each other for so many years.

You should know by now the type of person I am.”


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