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Gu Moli never liked calling Gu Yan her big sister.

Her parents never said anything about it when she didnt address Gu Yan politely, so she just always referred to Gu Yan by her full name.

Gu Yan grinned.

She was so grateful that Gu Moli called her by her full name.

That way, it was impossible for them to replace her.

Sure enough, Gu Moli covered her mouth when she realized that she put her foot in her mouth, but it was already too late.

The grin on Gu Yans face became brighter and brighter.

Suddenly, she walked to Gu Moli, grabbed the bag from her hands, and said with gratitude, “Moli, I know you dont want to see your big sister leave and want to see me off, but you dont have to.

With these two comrades here, you dont have to worry about it.”

“Im not…” Gu Moli said anxiously.

“I know that not only do you want to see me off, youre also very worried about me.

Relax, I know how to take care of myself in the army.

You too, please take care of mom and dad.” Gu Yan was eloquent.

Gu Moli stomped her foot anxiously.

Zhang Lan finally realized what happened.

She was calmer than her little daughter, after all.

Zhang Lan frowned and said, “Big girl, your leg is broken.

Didnt you say that you no longer want to join the army and are recommending your little sister instead”

“Joining the army is not a joke.

Also, how would I have the credentials to recommend someone In terms of whether or not Moli could be a volunteer soldier, she just has to follow the normal enlistment procedures.” Gu Yans eyes opened wide and looked at Zhang Lan with befuddled confusion.

“Mom, who said my leg is broken”

Zhang Lan saw that Gu Yan almost became a completely different person.

She glowered at her, and her body started trembling.

This damn girl has been pretending to be a wimp the whole freaking time!

Gu Moli came over and supported Zhang Lan.

Then, she turned around and stared at Gu Yan ferociously while gritting her teeth.

“Your leg is broken; I was there when it happened.

How would I not know.

How could you possibly be fine after you fell from such a tall stone bridge!”

“Yes, that stone bridge was pretty tall, and you were walking on the outside while I was walking on the inside.

How did I fall off all of a sudden” Gu Yan smiled slightly and walked a few steps casually.

Then, she turned around, and the smile on her face was brighter than ever.

“Mom, my leg is completely healed.

Thank you for always caring about my leg.”

She said thank you so many times; it was no different from slapping Zhang Lan and her little daughters faces.

The barefoot doctor in the village already checked out Gu Yans leg.

Though it wasnt broken, it would be very difficult to heal and return to the condition that it was once in.

How the hell did it heal all of a sudden!

Zhang Lan was full of regret.

Had she known that this was going to happen, she would have just tied her up. But who on earth knew that after being possessed and going into a coma, she suddenly… 

Thats it! Possessed!

Zhang Lan instantly told Xu Wangshan and Chen Yuan, “Comrades, my eldest daughter is possessed; shes not suitable to be a soldier.

Why dont you two just leave for now.”

Zhang Lan already made her decision.

Even if Moli couldnt be recruited, she was not going to let this damn Gu Yan enter the army!

Her biological eldest daughter had told her not to allow Gu Yan into the city!

But this time, Xu Wangshans face hardened.

He pushed up his glasses and said, “Maam, we are philosophical physicalists.

We believe in science, not feudalistic superstitions!”

Zhang Lan was surprised.

She nodded her head stupidly, but she didnt wish to just give up like this.

Suddenly, she remembered a brand new word while she worked as a nanny at the Bai Family, called psychotic. Yes, it is called psychotic!

Zhang Lan didnt even think before she opened her mouth, “Exactly, exactly.

We are not feudal superstitious; I chose the wrong words.

My eldest daughter is not possessed; she is psychotic! Yes, she is psychotic.

A person suffering from psychosis cannot join the army!”


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