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Chapter 175: Biological Parents

Captain Lu felt triumphant upon learning his little wife categorized Lin Haoran as arandom person.

The corners of his mouth were hooked up as he held her hand and proceeded to sightsee.

While they walked around, the breeze passed by, making some petals fall on the ground gently.

The wind brought about by the winter season seemed fierce.

It could hurt the face.

Lu Ye himself had tough skin.

Hence, he wasnt affected by the weather.

When he saw Gu Yan though, he noticed the redness of her nose.

His big hand went to cover it, only to feel the slight coolness of the wind coming into contact with his skin.

“The winter breeze is freezing.

Its too cold.

Lets find some shelter to avoid it.”

“Its fine.

Im not cold.”

“But I care about you.” Lu Ye was stubborn when it came to some matters.

He can be domineering about certain things.

Gu Yan found it amusing.

She hadnt shared with Lu Ye how she had dealt with her life back in the village.

She would often wash clothes and feed the animals in the middle of winter.

The wind in the mountains was harsher.

Still, she understood Lu Ye was only concerned for her well-being.

His words came from a good place.

This feeling of being taken care of warmed up her heart.

She beamed up and nodded.


The two came across a small pavilion.

Although there were no enclosures around, the structure blocked off most of the breeze.

A lot of people who went to watch the flowers also took shelter.

However, they left after a while.

The temperature dropped drastically.

There really wasnt much to see in the winter at the Northern Star Region Park.

Now that the wind was blowing hard, most of the crowd left the place.

Gu Yan and Lu Ye stood where the wind couldnt reach them.

They made use of the time to talk to each other.

“I might need to go on a mission next time.

You need to be ready for your exam.” Lu Ye put his hand on her shoulder and tried to protect her from the wind with his body.

“How long will it take” Gu Yan looked up, almost hitting Lu Yes chin with her head.

Lu Ye chuckled instead and used his chin to rub against her soft hair.

“Two months.

It might be New Year already by the time it ends.” Lu Ye leaned further towards his little wife.

Only the two of them were left anyway.

They didnt have to worry about anything.

“By that time, you would probably be returning home.”

Captain Lu felt sad bringing up the matter too.

That meant he wouldnt get to see her for the next two months…

This was the first spring festival since Gu Yans rebirth.

Just when she was about to say something, Lu Ye asked, “Would they give you a hard time if you go back home in the holidays”

“I wont go back.

Ill stay here.”

Luckily, she entered the special training forces, so she was allowed to remain in the training grounds.

By the time she entered the First Empire Academy, she would be able to change her residence and moved into the school instead.

Even so, Gu Yan was a little worried about her honest adoptive father, Gu Dagang, and her dumb brother, Gu Qiang.

However, she knew that she couldnt go back at this time.

She had to take everything slowly.

She would pay everything back once the opportunity presented itself.

While Gu Yan was currently deciding how to punish Zhang Lan, Lu Yes heart ached after seeing his little wife fall silent.

He grew up among the elite circle.

Although his grandfather didnt spoil him, he really didnt lack anything in life.

He had much more than his peers.

While Gu Yan…

Lu Ye suddenly inquired, “Yan, do you know where your biological parents are Or, do you have any clues I can ask some people to help.”


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