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Chapter 123: 18 Years Of Friendship

“What are you doing Shen Jiayi wanted to visit Gu Yan, but Li Haili told them to stay.

Hence, she had no choice but to wait.

However, her mind wandered off, out of worry for Gu Yan.

Guo Rous face looked bad.

She bit her lips and said, “Jiayi, come and do an experiment with me.”

When she saw Guo Rou grab a vacuum flask, Shen Jiayi immediately understood what the latter wanted.

She nodded without protesting.

Guo Rou filled the bottle with cold water and passed it to Shen Jiayi.

She made the other person stand where Lin Xiaoyu was.

Meanwhile, Guo Rou stood where Gu Yan was.

She bit her lips.

“Throw the water at me.”

“… Guo Rou, must you really do this” Shen Jiayi was worried, then, she continued, “Do you not trust what Gu Yan said Let me tell you, Gu Yan has no enmity with Lin Xiaoyu.

She has no reason to harm me! I know you might think that Lin Xiaoyu has no motive to harm Gu Yan, but what happened just then was evidence…”

“I trust Gu Yan.” Guo Rou sighed.

When Gu Yan was recounting the events, she had already come back and heard everything.

Not just her, but everyone else at the scene understood what actually occurred.

Lin Xiaoyu was clearly the guilty party.

Guo Rous voice carried deep dejection.

“But… I have known Lin Xiaoyu for 18 years.

We grew up together… I just want to give myself a reason to completely give up on her.”

Guo Rou didnt take it to heart when they agreed to end the friendship.

Lin Xiaoyu often threw tantrums before, but they always made up in the end.

Guo Rou was the only girl in her family.

The rest were boys.

As such, she ended up treating Lin Xiaoyu like a sister.

However, what happened today made Guo Rou realize that she never seemed to have understood her sister at all.

Although anyone could make mistakes, Lin Xiaoyus misdeed was already a criminal offense…

This was something Guo Rou couldnt accept.

Hence, she needed a definite reason to completely give up.

Shen Jiayi sighed and understood her reasons.

Guo Rou couldnt react as quickly as Gu Yan, so their first attempt failed.

Shen Jiayi remembered Gu Yan was drenched with water then.

She reminded, “Guo Rou, put on some more clothes.

Dont catch a cold!”

‘It was winter right now!

“Im fine.” Guo Rou wiped the water from her face and said, “Again!”

Shen Jiayi could only sigh.

When they did the trial for the fifth time, they finally recreated the scene perfectly.

As for what Lin Xiaoyu claimed… it was illogical.

Guo Rou fell silent for a few seconds and grinned out of nowhere.

She recovered her usual tone.

“Lets go.

The lights will be shut off soon.

Lets return to our dorms and rest.

After the competition tomorrow ends, well visit Gu Yan at the hospital.”

This was Shen Jiayi watching Guo Rou force out a smile for the first time.

She realized she was quite clueless and didnt know how to comfort the other party.

If Gu Yan was here, she would know how to comfort Guo Rou.

The two returned to the dorms together.

Guo Rou quickly changed into a new set of clothes, but her eyes were red.

She was quieter than usual.

Everyone in the dorm knew Guo Rou usually behaved like a boy.

She was very capable.

When they saw her with red eyes for the first time, they didnt dare to say anything.

When Zhang Cuihua came in, she sarcastically asked, “Form Captain, what happened to you”


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