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Angel looked at the motherly Lu Yan and suddenly had an idea.

Maybe she could..

She had already had an intimate relationship with Los Angeles, but both of them were more restrained.

In other words, they had no plans to have children.

Gu Yan did not know that she had accidentally opened the door to a new world for Angel.

However, she did not have any more energy to care about these things now.

Because of the severely injured Black Angel, she was indeed a lot calmer.

As Christmas approached, everyone seemed to be very busy.

Gu Yan was free.

As the day of labor approached, Gu Yans mood calmed down.

Ever since Lucifer took her as his sister that day, he did not seem to be as wary of her as before.

Gu Yan wasnt sure if he trusted her completely, but it was better than before.

During this period of time, Lucifer didnt give Gu Yan Any more missions.

Gu Yan was really grateful to him.

Although Gu Yan was fine, her body was heavy.

Gu Yan didnt want anything to happen to the child.

However, the number of times Lucifer came to Gu Yans side was getting less and less.

Angel also planned to leave.

She said that nobles like them had to go back after Christmas to attend some boring dinners.

Angel said in boredom, “I will definitely be set up again.”


“Yes, every year.

But if I dont go back, they will force me with their lives.”Angel chewed on an apple with a crisp sound.

Everyone had their own helplessness.

Gu Yan lowered her eyes and asked unintentionally, “What about Los Angeles”

Angels action of eating the apple paused slightly.

Then, she raised her head and looked at Gu Yan.

She said, “Lu Yan, sometimes I have the illusion that you and Luo have a very good relationship.

Sometimes I cant help but be jealous, but I also feel that Luo doesnt like you, and you dont like Luo.”

This woman was quite straightforward.

Gu Yan couldnt help but laugh.

“Between a man and a woman, there are many other feelings besides love.”

For example, family and friendship.

Gu Yan had known Luo City for many years, and anyone who could enter the Snow Wolf wouldnt be bad.

They were like brothers and sisters, so how could their relationship be bad

Because Gu Yan and Luo city were very careful in concealing their identities, no one else could find any clues.

However, Angel was different.

After all, she loved Luo City, so she was more sensitive than anyone else in terms of feelings.

Angel didnt quite understand, but she was smart enough not to continue asking.

As long as Lu Yan didnt like Luo City, it would be easy.

After all, she liked Lu Yan very much and didnt want to become a love rival with Lu Yan.

Angel left in the end.

However, she told Gu Yan that she would come back again.

It had to be said that Angel was actually living a very carefree and willful life.

She also had the capital to be carefree and willful.

So you could see that Pandora had a belly full of bad water, but she wouldnt really do anything to Angel.

But Angel was very free now, but she might lose her freedom completely in a few years.

Everyone had their own set of life trajectories.

Even if Angel really loved Los Angeles, no one knew how far they could go in the future.

They probably didnt even know themselves.

However, no one could help them with this matter.

The weather was getting colder and colder, and Christmas was getting closer and closer.

Gu Yan thought that if there was still no news from the Heavenly Eye, then she would have to personally ask Lucifer after giving birth.

However, before that, she had to find a very safe place for the child.

Perhaps… that person is the best choice.

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