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Lu Ye nodded silently.

To the Bai family, Bai Hao was a scar that could never be forgotten.

He was like a cancer.

Even though he had been gone for a long time, the root of his illness was still there.

Not to mention, during that period of time, several people had died.

Lu Ye called Bai Jianjun first.

After a moment of silence, Bai Jianjun said, “Okay, Ill tell Father.”

“Dad, I saw Yan Yan during the mission.

Shes doing well.

She told you not to worry.”

When Bai Jianjun heard that his daughter was doing well, a gentle expression appeared on his firm face.

He said, “Okay, thats good.”

Lu Ye said a few more words to Bai Jianjun before hanging up.

When Bai Jianjun returned home, he first told his younger brother, Bai Jianxun, about the matter.

Bai Jianxun had been focusing on education for years, and had a scholarly air about him.

However, when he heard that Bai Hao had been captured, he immediately jumped to his feet.

“Im going to beat this bastard to death!”

“Jianxun, dont get so worked up!”Bai Jianjun glared at his younger brother.

“I didnt want the old man to get worked up, so I told you first.

How come youre even more worked up than my dad”

Bai Jianxun snorted, “The person I hate the most in my life is this Bai Hao.

“Tell me, whats in his head Why does he believe everything his mother says ! “Furthermore, hes the one who turned the Bai clan upside down and caused Bai Mengchens death!”

Bai Mengchens death was something that the Bai clan would never be able to let go of.

Of course, it was her own fault for not recognizing Bai Weiyang clearly.

However, the biggest mistake was Bai Hao!

Bai Hao had clearly known that Bai Mengchen was his cousin, and yet he had seduced her!

In the end, when she had fallen so deeply in love that she couldnt extricate herself, he had told her the truth.

Not only that, he had even asked Bai Mengchen to help him raise his daughter!

Bai Jianjun wasnt angry.

Didnt he want to beat Bai Hao to death

That wasnt the case.

The anger in his heart was no less than Bai Jianxuns.

After all, it was this Bai Hao who had placed Bai Weiyang, the child of the nanny and himself, in the Bai family.

He had also brought Bai Jianjun and Xie Luans biological daughter, Xiao Yan, back to their hometown.

He had been so close.

It would have been difficult for their family to reunite.

Now that he saw how outstanding and successful Xiao Yan was, Bai Jianjun would think about how he had missed his daughters 18 years.

His heart would fill with regret.

All of this was because of Bai Hao!

Bai Jianxun took a sip of water, then said calmly, “Big Brother, do you think we should let the old man know about this After all, Bai Hao is the only child in this world that father and his brother have

“Bai Hao has committed too many crimes.

Theres no way he can get away with it.

Furthermore, father isnt the type of person who would interfere with the law for personal reasons

“But Dads burden is too heavy.

He always thinks that all the suffering Bai Hao went through all those years ago has something to do with him.

“Furthermore, Dads little brother passed away so early.

“Ah, this old man.

ai, its just too hard to live.

He always thinks everything through.

“Sometimes, people shouldnt live so clearly.

“And some of the things that happened in the past arent things that he can change.”

Bai Jianjun was about to say something when he saw an old man with a cane standing at the door of the study.

It was their father, Bai Qifeng.

Bai Qifeng glanced at his youngest son indifferently.

“Did you speak ill of me just now”

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