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“Ah, Dark Phoenix, youre back.”

After Miao Xiaoyu said that, she put away her gun.

After hearing her voice, Gu Yan lowered his guard a little.

She turned on the light and frowned.

“Someones Here”

“Yes, three blind men.

They dared to come here and behave atrociously.

I let them kill each other.”

Gu Yans nose twitched as he smelled the smell of blood.

However, the room was very clean and there were no corpses.

Miao Xiaoyu must have used hypnosis to deal with it.

One had to admit that hypnosis was really useful.

Sometimes, it could even save bullets and put oneself in a very safe position.

Gu Yan walked upstairs and downstairs.

He found that there was no danger other than a few pools of blood on the stairs.

While Gu Yan was busy with these things, Miao Xiaoyu had already taken a box of ice cream from the Fridge and was hiding on the sofa.

“Did you cause this”

“If its the Black Angel, then it should be for me.”Gu Yan had already showered and changed her clothes.

She also went to the fridge to see what food was inside.

She was actually hungry again.

When she was in the office, she had eaten two meals with everyone.

Although it was very exhausting, she shouldnt be hungry.

Could it be that she really had it

When she saw Gu Yan opening the fridge, Miao Xiaoyu came over happily.

“Are you going to make food again Bring me one too.”

“Didnt you eat breakfast already”

“I only ate a sandwich.

I havent finished a carton of milk yet!”

Gu Yan ignored her.

How should she put it Miao Xiaoyu was really a masochist.

She was like a cat.

If you ignored her, she would ignore you.

When you ignored her, she would come up to you and whine.

Gu Yan finally understood why Miao Xiaoyu liked Guan Yujue.

Speaking of which, she had not seen Guan Yujue for the past few days.

Gu Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

One was Qi Hao, and the other was Guan Yujue.

What made her speechless was that the world was a big place.

Why was she working as an undercover, the acquaintances were all jumping out one by one.

Gu Yan simply fried a plate of Yangzhou fried rice.

She also made a dish of stir-fried vegetables.

In addition to that, she also made a small cucumber stuffed with vinegar when she was free.

Miao Xiaoyu washed her hands and sat in front of the table happily.

She scooped a big bowl of rice for herself.

When she ate, her face was full of happiness.

It was completely different from when she had hypnotized and killed someone just now.

As Miao Xiaoyu ate, she said, “Hey, Gu Yan, your future husband will be so lucky.”


Gu Yan thought of her Ah Ye.

She really wanted to say that her Ah Yes cooking was even better than hers.

Speaking of which, it had been a long time since she had eaten Ah Yes cooking.

She really missed it.

On the other side, Miao Xiaoyu had fried rice in her mouth.

Suddenly, she blurted out, “Speaking of which, boss seems to like your cooking very much.

Last time, he even said when he would bring seafood over.”

Gu Yan didnt say anything.

She focused on eating the second bowl of rice.

She thought that after she finished the third bowl of rice, she would go to the hospital.

Miao Xiaoyu was used to Gu Yan being cold to her, so she didnt care.

Instead, she sighed and said, “Sigh, boss is quite pitiful.

His poison means that he has to keep a distance from everyone.

Boss is really lonely.”

“How is the poison in his body caused”From a medical point of view, Gu Yan was quite curious.

As for Lucifer himself… Gu Yan was not interested.

However, when Miao Xiaoyu saw Gu Yan, she thought that she was interested in gossiping with her, so she immediately said, “Actually, I dont know the exact reason.

Why Dont you ask Boss One day and tell me when you know”

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