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Gu Yan was stunned.

When she saw Dark Phoenixs stunned expression, Guan Yujue suddenly explained, “She wanted to hypnotize me… so I knocked her out.”

Gu Yan looked at Guan Yujue with a complicated expression.

It had to be said that Guan Yujue was very handsome, and his personality was the type that girls would like very much.

She still remembered that Gardenia liked Guan yujue very much back then.

Previously, Ryan had said that she was a femme fatale.

In fact, men were also a disaster.

Even a fish like Miao Xiaoyu had been drowned by the disaster.

Gu Yan walked in and saw Miao Xiaoyu lying there.

HMM, the clothes on her body were still intact.

In other words, this girls plan had not succeeded.

So, during this period of time, Miao Xiaoyu had been circling around Guan Yujue.

After all, Guan Yujues other personality was that of a big star.

However, when Gu Yan saw Guan Yujues appearance just now, he did not look very similar to brother Jue and Ah Jue from before.

He had a feeling that the two personalities had merged.

However, after that incident, Gu Yan heard that both of his personalities were present.

Of course, Gu Yan could not ask about this matter now.

Since he had forgotten about it, he should forget about it completely.

Gu Yan looked at the unconscious Miao Xiaoyu and lamented.

Guan Yujue was really heavy-handed.

He did not show any mercy at all.

After all, they were colleagues.

She carried Miao Xiaoyu on her back and said to Guan yujue, “Help me hold that purple box.”

“Are you ordering me”Guan Yujues eyebrows twitched.

Gu Yan didnt waste any time and said, “It belongs to Lucifer.”

As expected, after hearing the wordsLucifer, Guan Yujues expression eased up a little.

He said to Gu Yan, “Wait a moment.”

He called the curly-haired man at the door to come in and handed the purple box to him.

He said, “Send them away.”


This person seemed to be Guan Yujues confidant and was very familiar with Miao Xiaoyu.

Therefore, he carefully held the box and sent Gu Yan and Miao Xiaoyu downstairs.

When the door slowly closed, Guan Yujue looked thoughtfully at the beautiful figure and slowly disappeared.

The throbbing pain in his forehead made guan yujue frown.

He held his forehead.

Could this be the after-effect of fusing personalities But why did it hurt again today when it had not hurt for so long


The curly-haired man did his job.

He drove Gu Yan, Miao Xiaoyu, and the purple box to their place.

However, when he saw Gu Yan casually throw Miao Xiaoyu onto the sofa and ignore her, he was a little dumbfounded when he studied the purple box.

Gu Yan looked up at him.

“Is there anything else”

Looking at Miss Lilith, who had been casually thrown onto the sofa, the curly-haired man suddenly felt that this beautiful woman in front of him was a little scary.

He could not pinpoint exactly how scary she was.

The curly-haired man said subconsciously, “No, theres nothing else.”

“Oh, then you can go.”


The curly-haired man turned around and left obediently.

Only after he drove far away from here did he realize why he was so obedient!

Moreover, that woman was so rude to Miss Lilith.

No matter how he looked at it, she did not seem to be her friend!

Gu Yan did not know what the curly-haired man was thinking.

She carried the purple box back to her room with great interest and took a shower.

When Miao Xiaoyu woke up, it was already dark.

She rubbed the back of her neck.

The soreness reminded her of what she had done before.

Just then, from the kitchen, there was a rich aroma.

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