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David heard Sophie say in surprise, “AH, Lu Yan, its great that youre back!”

“Yeah, if anything happens to you, I, I will never forgive myself.”This was Ruijin.

Kang Xin was also very happy.

He smiled and suddenly coughed.

He had been hit in the heart and had not recovered yet.

Bodyguard C supported bodyguard b.

the two burly men smiled like big children when they saw Gu Yan return safely.

Gu Yan said to everyone, “Everyone, quickly go in.

The rain is getting heavier outside.

Also, let me take a look at your injuries later.

Where is my medical bag”

Seeing that Gu Yan had just come back from danger and was actually busy looking at their injuries, everyone felt very guilty.

As Gu Yan led everyone into the cave, they happened to see David, who was about to come out.

Gu Yan raised her chin and asked with a smile, “Are you also here to save me”

After knowing each others identities, especially when it was obvious that David did not act in sync with the others.

This sentence was a little provocative and a slap in the face.

However, David could not get angry and still had to maintain a smile.

He said sincerely, “Yes, I wanted to go too, but I hesitated.”

“Sister Lu Yan, he actually doesnt want to save you!”Little Lucy was very happy when she saw Gu Yan return.

She broke free from her mother Rolands embrace and ran to Gu Yans side.

She hugged Gu Yans thigh and cried, “Sister Lu Yan, Im so worried about you.

Im worried that you wont be able to come back…”

Gu Yan gently picked Little Lucy up and said, “Im fine now.

Lucy, Dont cry anymore.

If you continue to cry, youll become a little kitten.

If that happens, you wont be pretty anymore.”

Roland walked over and saw that Gu Yan was safe and sound.

She was also relieved.

Then Roland said to his daughter, Lucy, “Lucy, dont Pester your sister Lu Yan anymore.

Let her rest.”

Although Gu Yan was not injured at all, her face was a little pale, and there was a strong smell of blood on her body.

Seeing that everyone welcomed Gu Yan in, David seriously thought for a moment.

Gu Yan had conquered everyones hearts in just a few days.

Even Francie looked at her differently.

If Gu Yan really joined Yin… Tsk, would the position of boss be threatened one day.

However, this would be more interesting, wouldnt it

Davids eyes lit up.

He naturally took off his wet and damaged raincoat and went back to the fire with him.

Seeing him coming over shamelessly, Gu Yan did not say anything.

Others thought that David would not save her, but Gu Yan knew that David would not save her at all.

If he did, then Gu Yan would be cheating.

Of course, if such cheating really happened, as an invigilator, David would definitely help to hide it.

He would definitely not tell Yin.

After all, he was also involved.

That was why his expression was so bad just now That was why he was at the end of the crowd

On this side, everyone was asking Gu Yan about his well-being and what happened after that.

Gu Yan only said that the gorilla continued to chase after the brown-haired man.

Then, she took the opportunity to run back.

At this moment, Kang Xin, who was sitting beside the fire, was stunned and asked, “Brown-haired man Could it be the boss of those people who entered the forest first, Mike”

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