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These two burly men were the bodyguards B and C.

What a joke! What if this infectious woman came over to bring the virus over and spread it to Lord Francis!

Although they had exposed their guns, it didnt matter.

Other than Gu Yan, everyone else was shocked when they saw their guns.

However, they were only shocked.

After all, these two bodyguards were on their side.

If that woman came over, they would be infected.

What should they do!

As for why this bodyguard had a gun..

Although some people did not recognize Francie, since this lord was on a civilian spaceship, he had more or less disguised himself.

Ordinary people would not recognize him.

But to be able to go out with three bodyguards and a secretary, he must not be a small fry.

The bodyguards had guns, so it made more sense.

After all, among ordinary civilians, there were many who had guns.

Facing the black muzzle, no matter how angry Shen Xiyan was, she could only step back.

She had a gun in her hand, but at the moment she drew the gun, she could only kill one person at most, then she would be injured or even killed.

As before, ever since the last incident, Shen Xiyan was inexplicably afraid of death.

She had not rescued Lei Qing and was not with him, so she naturally did not want to die.

So, Shen Xiyan raised both her hands, indicating that she was harmless.

She took a few steps back, then stopped and said, “Dr.

Lu Yan, my body is indeed itchy, painful, and uncomfortable.

Do you know what happened”

“I was bitten by a poisonous bug, and it was contagious.”

”… then what should I do”

“Dont move.

Go back to your own camp.

Also, eat less fish.

That will stimulate more red rashes.

“This disease wont kill you for the time being, but if you dont get treatment within ten days, its hard to say.”

Gu Yans words were clear.

If the rescue workers arrived within ten days, then Shen Xiyan could be saved.

On the contrary… Hehe.

Shen Xiyan actually didnt believe Gu Yans words, but at this moment, she pretended to be very trusting and very grateful.

“Then, thank you very much.

Ill go back to my camp now.”

“See you out.”

Gu Yan narrowed her eyes.

When she saw Shen Xiyan leave, a dark light flashed in her eyes.

This Shen Xiyan was quite a character.

No wonder she entered the Black Angel.

It was a pity..

It seemed that after the incident last time, this angels various abilities, including her temperament, seemed to have been compromised.

When these people heard about the infectious disease that Gu Yan mentioned, they suddenly felt a little itchy.

Of course, this was all psychological.

Ryan came over to ask Gu Yan carefully, “Do we need to burn the place that the woman stepped on”

Actually, at this time, Shen Xiyan hadnt gone far, so she could hear their conversation.

So, Shen Xiyan, whose back was facing them, paused for a moment.

Then, she stepped into the sand.

It was obvious that she was not in a good mood.

Gu Yan raised the corner of his mouth and said loudly, “It needs to be disinfected.

Sprinkle it with seawater later and then roast it with a torch.”

“Okay!”Ryan, who was very afraid of death, was very active in such things.

He immediately took a few bodyguards to do it.

Meanwhile, Roland and the other women returned to the camp and did not come closer.

Soon, Gu Yan was standing alone in this area.

David walked over at some point in time.

He lifted the bonfire and sneered.

“Do you have a grudge against that woman”

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