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Gu Yan lowered her head calmly to pick up some stewed potatoes with her chopsticks.

Thereafter, she said to Shen Jiayi, “The potatoes and bean sprouts taste good.”

Currently, there was something odd with the atmosphere, which made it difficult for Shen Jiayi to understand what Gu Yan meant.

She looked at Gu Yan with her big eyes.

When Guo Rou tried some of the food, however, she remarked, “It does taste good, but it would be better if it is stewed pork ribs and bean sprouts.”

Gu Yan laughed.

“You know how to eat well.

This is the dining hall.

Even if there really are pork ribs and bean sprouts, they might not serve them.”

In cases like those, you would definitely see piles of meat.

Nevertheless, by the time the chef fills your bowl and swings his serving spoon, you will realize your bowl mostly contained vegetables.

This required skills too.

In seconds, Guo Rou understood it.

She laughed heartily and said, “My aunts stewed pork ribs and bean sprouts is very tasty.

Next time, Ill invite you guys, so you can try it!”

The two chatted about food casually as if no one else was there.

Shen Jiayi hadnt regained her senses yet.

Meanwhile, Lin Haorans face fell.

His infallible gentleman-like smile didnt work on Gu Yan

Not only was she unmoved by his glance, but she also ignored him completely!

Lin Haoran stood still.

The female soldiers next to him invited, “Captain Lin, lets go over there and eat together”

The distance was too short, so Guo Rou ended up overhearing their words.

Hence, she looked at Lin Haorans side profile with annoyance.

“It seems the Medical Department has made up their mind to cheat their way out of it!”

“Typical of them.” Gu Yan ate another bite of rice and added, “They cant afford to lose at any time.

I could tell from the first round.”

“They even claimed that your scores were miscalculated.” Guo Rou glanced at Lin Haoran in disdain.

Gu Yan wiped her mouth clean.

“How long are you guys going to eat Hurry, Im returning to the dorms.”

“Oh **, werent you just talking to me earlier How did you finish your food so fast” Guo Rou saw that both Gu Yan and Shen Jiayi were done.

Hence, she began to gobble down her meal.

Gu Yans words reached Lin Haorans ear.

He slightly frowned.

This female soldier… wasnt ordinary at all.

Lin Haoran had sharp senses.

He could feel that this Gu Yan discreetly harbored animosity toward him.

Was it because of Lu Ye

He furrowed his brows and took the dinner plate from a soldier.

He then walked over to Gu Yans table.

The table she occupied was a four-seater.

This time, Shen Jiayi and Guo Rou sat next to each other on the other side, so the seat beside Gu Yan was empty.

Lin Haorans move stunned the female soldiers from the Medical Department.

They wondered whether Captain Lin would exact revenge for them.

The soldiers of the Logistics Department were very shocked too.

Only Gu Yan remained nonchalant.

Gu Yan didnt bother to raise her head, but her eyes flashed with coldness.

Right now, there was no discernable expression on her face.

Lin Haoran… couldnt hold it anymore.

Did he plan to do something


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