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“Hey, you cant say that!”

When they were about to reach their dormitory, Zhou Mingrui removed his mask and said in a teasing tone, “Rounded means that your character is no longer rigid, and you have become tactful.

Well-endowed means that you have incredible strength and you are full of confidence in your future.

So, youre the one whos letting your imagination run wild.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Wuyues face immediately turned red.

Then, she raised her leg and kicked Zhou Mingrui, but the latter dodged at once.

Along the way, the two of them played around.

After all, they had just experienced a life-threatening battle.

Yan Wuyue was completely open in front of Zhou Mingrui.

Soon, they arrived at the dormitory.

It was a house that the school had rearranged for the two of them.

It was a detached house for teachers and the higher-ups.

The nearest neighbor was dozens of meters away.

“Im going home first.

There are some things I need to tell my parents.

You go in and rest first.”

With that, Yan Wuyue waved his hand and left, not giving Zhou Mingrui a chance at all.

“You dont have to leave so soon.

I wont eat you.” Zhou Mingrui smiled and shook his head.

Then, he opened the door and walked into the house.

The design and decoration of the house were simple but not luxurious.

It could accommodate everyone who moved in and not need to be redecorated because of their preferences.

Zhong Mingrui removed the bone armor and revealed his body, which was in a close-fitting combat suit.

Zhou Mingrui thought for a moment before walking to the shower room.

Although this body could use its energy to remove the dust and dirt, a bath could give Zhou Mingrui another form of mental relaxation.

The water from the shower head flowed down his head, outlining Zhou Mingruis defined muscles that looked like they were carved out of marble.

His muscle wasnt as exaggerated as the bodybuilders, but he was ripped and well-built, containing an explosive power.

The doorbell suddenly rang.

Zhou Mingrui startled and helplessly turned off the tap.

He dried his hair and wrapped a towel around himself before walking to the main entrance.

“Its only been less than an hour, and shes done.”

Zhou Mingrui thought Yan Wuyue had returned after taking care of her family matters, so he didnt look through the peephole and opened the door directly.


When he opened the door, he found a woman standing at the door, but it was not Yan Wuyue.

“Hi, annoying guy.”

Zhao Anqi was standing at the door.

The moment the door opened, she quickly entered the house.

She didnt care if Zhou Mingrui welcomed her.

Zhou Mingrui frowned slightly, but he did not stop her.

Zhao Anqi walked over to the sofa, sat down, and started laughing.

“Thats great.

You and Yan Wuyue will have everything after this trial, while I have nothing and will be treated as a clown.”

Zhou Mingrui closed the door behind him and walked over to Zhao Anqi.

Zhou Mingrui looked up and saw Zhao Anqis face was slightly red, and her eyes were a little dazed.

The faint smell of alcohol indicated that this woman was drunk.

“Youre drunk.

Dont drink alcohol again if you have a low tolerance.” Zhou Mingrui shook his head helplessly.

He turned around and was about to get his phone.

He wanted to call Yan Wuyue to come and pick up this woman.

However, he was suddenly hugged from behind just as he turned around.

If Zhao Mingrui didnt feel the softness behind her and knew it was Zhao Anqi, he would throw the person who hugged him.

“Dont go, okay”

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows.

He could tell that Zhao Anqi didnt drink much, but her alcohol tolerance was too low.

“Dont leave me…”

Zhou Mingrui could not help but take a deep breath as he felt the busty chests behind him.

After all, he wasnt an experienced playboy in his two lifetimes.

In this kind of situation, it was naturally impossible for him not to fall for a womans seduction.

And to be honest, Zhao Anqi was slightly inferior to Yan Wuyue in terms of looks.

In terms of figures, Zhao Anqi was definitely the winner.

If Yan Wuyue was a noble and holy goddess, then Zhao Anqi was an alluring devil from hell.

“How good would it be if you were mine How good would it be if you were mine.”

Zhao Anqi mumbled to herself as she walked over to Zhou Mingrui.

“Thats awesome.”

She raised her hand and gently caressed Zhou Mingruis muscular chest, his well-defined abdominal muscles.

She could feel the heat emitted from his body after the shower.

It seemed to worsen Zhao Anqis drunkenness as the redness on her face became even more obvious.

Under the influence of her drunkenness, she even stuck out her tongue and began licking Zhou Mingruis chest.

Zhou Mingrui shuddered.

Even though his body was not completely made of flesh and blood, the wonderful sensation drove him crazy.

It felt the same as a body of flesh and blood.

It was even more sensitive than ordinary flesh and blood because it was made up of purer energy.

Especially when Zhao Anqi licked his nipple, Zhou Mingrui felt blood rush to his brain.

The temptation kept bombarding the dam of his rationality.

In her drunkenness, Zhao Anqi completely disregarded her decency as she wrapped her legs around Zhou Mingruis waist and laid her upper body on top of him.

“Zhou Mingrui, as long as youre willing to be with me, you can do whatever you want to me.

Im willing to be yours.”

Zhao Anqi leaned on Zhou Mingruis shoulder as she breathed into his ear.

It immediately made Zhou Mingrui lose most of his rationality.

Especially they were in an awkward position, where Zhou Mingruis crotch was now pressing against Zhao Anqis crotch.

The next moment, Zhao Anqis body trembled, as if she was shocked by the action.

“Alright, as long as you agree, I can give it to you now and do anything you want.”

As Zhao Anqi spoke, she started to move her hips and gently rubbed her crotch against Zhou Mingrui.


Zhou Mingrui immediately drew in a cold breath.

The intense and unprecedented feeling in his lower body made him feel like his mind was about to explode.

In addition to Zhao Anqis seductive moans and constant panting, he was on the verge of losing his mind.

Furthermore, Zhou Mingrui could acutely sense that his crotch had been stained by something moist.

Just as the dam of rationality collapsed completely, Zhou Mingruis eyes suddenly widened.


After cursing, Zhou Mingrui wanted to carry Zhao Anqi off his body.

However, just as he was about to make his move, Zhao Anqi seemed to be prepared for it.

She grabbed Zhou Mingruis neck with both hands and pulled him closer to her.

At that moment, Zhou Mingruis lips felt warm and moist.

Then, a small tongue nimbly pried open his mouth and entered.


Zhou Mingruis mind had completely exploded.

He had completely lost all sense of reason as a beast-like aura began to erupt from his body.


Sensing Zhou Mingruis sudden change from passive to active, Zhao Anqi was wrapped in his strong arms as she let out an alluring moan.

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