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Yan Wuyue had a bad feeling when she saw the goblin wizards.

Before her reborn, she had glanced at the information about this secret realm a few times, and she still remembered the monsters marked on it.

The first to be attacked was the [King of the fallen goblin], a level 40 quasi-gold boss.

The ones she had encountered before were [fallen goblin wizards], which were only level 30, quasi-silver monsters.

The ones in front of him were [fallen goblin guards].

They were level 35 and were the most powerful monsters in the silver grade.

If she were still in her previous life, she wouldnt have cared much about this information.

She could even defeat a quasi-gold effortlessly.

However, she was only level 30 now and had just become a silver summoner.

Fighting those goblin wizards head-on was already her limit.

If there were only one or two goblin guards, with Yan Wuyues experience and strength, she could easily deal with them and even find an opportunity to kill them.

But now, they were surrounded by ten goblin guards.

Yan Wuyue was well aware of the strength of the students.

They were no match for the goblin guards.

Whether in terms of level or overall strength, these students would be defeated instantly if they fought with the goblin guards.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Wuyue quickly said to the student beside her, “Help me hold them back later, but remember not to get within fifteen meters of them, understand”

A student asked with a worried expression, “Are those monsters very strong”

“If I cant defeat them, run in that direction.

That should be your last hope.” Yan Wuyue said, pointing in a direction to the left.

Yan Wuyue knew Zhou Mingrui was currently located there through her mental perception.

She had already pressed the emergency signal once again.

She hoped that Zhou Mingrui would resolve their problem as soon as possible and that reinforcements would quickly arrive.

Otherwise, she would lose her life today.

However, the strange thing was that the goblin guards didnt take the initiative to attack.

Instead, they stood in their positions without moving.

But their bloodshot eyes were fixed on Yan Wuyue and the students.

“Somethings wrong.

Yan Wuyues eyes flickered.

The goblin guards had an overwhelming advantage, but they didnt make a move.

There were only a few possibilities.

One of the possibilities was that goblin guards had certain restrictions, such as not being able to attack first or only attacking when an intruder stepped into their range.

“Its good that they didnt attack us.

Yan Wuyue heaved a sigh of relief, but another thought suddenly flashed through her mind.

She immediately tensed up again.

Another possibility instantly appeared in her mind.

These goblin guards might have received a protection order that prevented them from leaving.

And the only one who could command the goblin guards was the goblin king that was described in the information.

Yan Wuyue immediately stepped forward.

When she was about ten meters away from the goblin guards, the pupils of a goblin guard suddenly widened, and its muscles began to tighten.

Naturally, Yan Wuyue noticed this detail.

She immediately stopped and looked at the goblin guard again.

It still didnt move.

Seeing this, Yan Wuyue took another step forward, and the goblin guard immediately began to move.

The weapon in its hand began to shake.

However, Yan Wuyue stopped again.

The goblin guard could only squint his eyes and did not make any further moves.

“As expected, they are bound by a certain rule.

As long as I dont step into that area, I will be safe.” Although Yan Wuyue confirmed her thoughts, she was even more worried.

From the looks of it, the goblin king should have already awakened and was recovering its own power.

“I cant let it grow.

Otherwise, if it becomes gold-grade, we cant defeat it easily…”

Thinking of this, Yan Wuyue knew that she couldnt hide anymore.

She had to hurry and defeat these guys, and then completely get rid of the goblin king.

Otherwise, if the goblin king were to recover to peak gold grade, no one here would be able to survive in this secret plane.

“Cover me.

Im going to attack!”

After Yan Wuyue confirmed it, she knew she did not have much time.

If they were even a little late, they would regret it!

Hearing Yan Wuyues words, the surrounding students immediately began to prepare without hesitation.

The next moment after Yan Wuyues charge, the students behind her began to use all kinds of attacks.

They all aimed at the goblin guards in the front.

When the goblin guards saw Yan Wuyue rushing toward them, the guard at the front suddenly moved.

Its muscles immediately bulged, and it grabbed a three-meter-long gray axe in its hand and swung it at the incoming attacks.

The axe, with its magnificent power, blocked most of the attacks with a sweep.

Then it fixed its eyes on Yan Wuyue, who was rushing toward it.

Yan Wuyue took a deep breath and activated the Contract Coherence without hesitation.

Her body was bathed in a faint golden light, and her attributes began to increase rapidly.

Although Yan Wuyue had a lot of combat experience, there was still a big gap in strength between her and the goblin guards.

Therefore, she needed to use all the means she could.

Seeing Yan Wuyue speed up again, the leader of the goblin guards raised the gray axe in its hand, and a ray of light suddenly appeared in its hand.

[Name: Goblin guard]

[Level: 35]

[Rank: Silver]

“Skills: Rough Body, Berserk”

The abilities of these goblin guards immediately emerged in Yan Wuyues mind, and she remembered all the information she had read.

Although the goblin guards only had two skills, and one of them was a passive skill, the effect was very useful.

[Rough Body: the rough skin that was trained since young can reduce physical attacks by 30%, energy attacks by 20%, elemental resistance by 10%, and resistance to mental control by 10%]

[Berserk: sacrifice your rationality in exchange for an all-around increase in your physical fitness.

When activated, your explosiveness, endurance, and defense will increase by 70%.

At the same time, the rough bodys buff will increase by 30%.

Duration of three minutes.

After activation, all attributes will be reduced by 60%, and Rough Bodys effect will be reduced by 50%.]

The data made Yan Wuyue quickly draw up a preliminary plan to deal with the goblin guardians.

However, when she was two meters away from the goblin guards, the goblin guard suddenly hacked down with its battle axe at a speed that was completely beyond Yan Wuyues expectation!

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