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Yan Wuyue knew this guy.

His name was Li Yun, a third-generation descendant of the Li family.

He was a typical spoiled child and was not well-liked by his family.

However, this guy had an extremely outstanding talent in the business.

Li Yun could use the pocket money given by his family, which was less than tens of thousands, to establish a company worth tens of millions.

“Oh, arent you the Yan familys girl I was wondering who it was.” Li Yun walked up and said with a smile when he saw Yan Wuyue.

“You can leave now.

I wont find trouble with you.” Li Yun chuckled.

Even though he was not afraid of the Yan family, he did not want to cause trouble for no reason.

“Get lost!” Yan Wuyue said lightly.

“Eh “Li Yun turned around with a puzzled look on her face.

Did he hear it wrong

“I told you to get lost.” After Yan Wuyue finished speaking, she ignored Li Yun and began to collect the spoils.

Hearing this, Li Yun narrowed his eyes.

His three lackeys beside him also reacted and surrounded Yan Wuyue after cursing angrily.

“Some students are starting to make a move now.”

“All of them go against that kid at the same time.

But if its that kid from the Li family, everything will be easy.”

“But even if Yan Wuyue doesnt use her summoned spirit, her combat power is very strong.

I think she could resist.”

“No, no matter how strong she is, shes still alone.

She doesnt have a summoned spirit by her side, so shell definitely get beaten up.”

“But that little girls combat power was too strong.

I feel like theres still hope.”

“Haha, then Ill make a bet with you.

I say this girl will lose.

How about 30000”

Outside the arena, the students, who were watching the battle, started whispering to each other and making bets.

The instructor from the research institute did not say anything.

“I bet she will win.” At this moment, one of the instructors wearing a white uniform with red patterns spoke.

“Haha, I bet she will lose.” Said another instructor who was wearing a black suit with golden patterns.

“How about a million and a C-grade magic relic” The instructor with red patterns said with a smile.

“No problem.” The instructor in a black suit with gold patterns immediately agreed.

The other instructors did not participate but quietly watched the scene on the big screen.

“You arrogant b*stard!” Li Yuns facial muscles twitched as he gritted his teeth.

“You dared to provoke me.

Dont blame me for being impolite!”

Upon hearing this, the three lackeys immediately commanded their summoned spirits to attack Yan Wuyue together.

The gargoyle flew into the sky while the pangolin drilled into the ground.

The tree spirit swung its body and shot more than a dozen thick branches at Yan Wuyue.

Yan Wuyue, who had already stopped collecting the loots, suddenly tightened her grip on the spear.

Her beautiful eyes narrowed, and she suddenly turned the spear and thrust it into the ground.

The ground suddenly rose, and the pangolin as big as a giant crocodile broke out of the ground.

The hard shell on its back blocked Yan Wuyues spear.

Yan Wuyue didnt care.

She didnt think this shot would work.

With the help of the pangolins strength, Yan Wuyue jumped into the air and dodged the tree spirits attack.

“Ive caught you!”

At this moment, the gargoyle, who had been waiting in the air for a long time, laughed and reached for Yan Wuyues back.

“Ive caught you!” Yan Wuyue said the same thing.

Yan Wuyue stomped on the tree branches that were shooting toward her and jumped up with great force.

With the inertia, the spear tip had already turned and stabbed at the gargoyle.

From the very beginning, Yan Wuyues target had been the gargoyle, because it had the most advantageous attacking position in the air.


Yan Wuyues spear pierced through the gargoyles shoulder, and she kicked the gargoyles chest heavily with her right leg.

The gargoyle was sent flying by the kick, and Yan Wuyue used the impact to escape from where she stood, once again avoiding the branches shot by the tree spirit.

After landing on the ground, Yan Wuyue didnt stop but rushed toward the tree spirit.

Yan Wuyue twisted her body and swung her spear like a whip.

The pangolin that had already rushed toward her was instantly swept away by the spear, leaving a deep gully on the ground before it fell to the ground.

Looking at the tree spirit again, Yan Wuyue smiled.

The tree spirit was so frightened that it burst out with all its strength, and dozens of sharp branches immediately swarmed out.

Yan Wuyue took a step forward and rushed toward the tree spirit.

When the branches were less than ten centimeters away, Yan Wuyue shifted her body and slid to avoid the attack.

The following battle was very simple.

Even if the tree spirits defense was not weak, it could not last more than three rounds in Yan Wuyues attacks.

The three lackeys realized something was wrong and were ready to attack together with the other two summoned spirits.

However, even though they had used their most powerful skills, Yan Wuyue still defeated them easily.

Yan Wuyue had rich combat experience.

She knew how to deal with these guys after knowing their summoned spirits.

“Hand over all your rewards, and Ill let you go.

Otherwise, Ill make sure you cant continue the competition.”

Yan Wuyue didnt look at the three lackeys that had fallen onto the ground.

Instead, she looked at Li Yun, who had an angry expression.

Li Yun didnt make a move, nor did she dare to.

Because she knew that if she did, she and her summoned spirit wouldnt be able to last more than three rounds under Yan Wuyues hands.

That was why she didnt join in the siege on the way.

Li Yun had witnessed how Yan Wuyue defeated her three lackeys and the tree spirit.

She knew she was not a match for Yan Wuyue.

Li Yun wanted to say something, but looking at Yan Wuyues cold eyes, she couldnt say anything for a while.

“Just you wait! ” Li Yun snorted and handed over her loots.

After collecting the loots, Yan Wuyue watched Li Yun leave with her three men.

She shook her head slightly and continued to collect the loots.

“Haha, I won.” The instructor in a white uniform with red patterns was so happy that he started laughing.

“Ill give it to you when we get back.

This girl has exceeded my expectations.” Even though the instructor in a black uniform with gold patterns lost the bet, he wasnt angry.

Instead, he had a look of admiration.

The instructors and students were all amazed.

It was unbelievable that Yan Wuyue could fight against three people alone.

Just as everyone was commenting on Yan Wuyue, a beam of light suddenly shot up from the southeast corner of the arena, which immediately attracted everyones attention.

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