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Ring Gambling

“These are all storage rings that have just been transported back from the front lines.”

“You must know that this time, the news from the front line said that they are facing powerful opponents, which means that these rings are valuable.”

“If youre lucky enough to get one, you might not have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of your life.”

The stall owner pointed at the table, where there were hundreds of rings of different shapes in the glass boxes.

“Brother, whats the origin of these rings”

Zhou Mingrui patted the shoulder of a middle-aged man beside him.

Under the latters displeased expression, he sensibly handed over a few bills.

The middle-aged mans face immediately eased upon seeing the money.

He accepted the money without a sound and explained, “This ring is the spoils of war that our Heavenly Saint Empires Summoner army obtained after fighting with the enemys mage army.”

“Mages Why have I never heard of them” Zhou Mingrui pressed, puzzled.

“Kid, you look like a newbie who just graduated from the academy.

Mages are those who cant perform the summoning ritual, but they have learned the magic skills of ancient times through other means.”

“Ancient magic is different from our current Summoners.

They dont need the help of a summoned spirit and can burst out powerful strength on their own, so you cant underestimate them.” The burly man even patted Zhou Mingrui on the shoulder.

At that moment, Zhou Mingruis appearance was already very close to that of a normal person.

His special features were covered by his clothes.

Therefore, they could not tell that Zhou Mingrui was actually a summoned spirit.

After the conversation, Zhou Mingrui finally understood the origins of the rings.

The entire Qianling World was divided into several vast continents, and the Heavenly Saint Empire, where he was from, was one of the top forces in terms of overall strength.

The Dongyun Empire, which was the Heavenly Saint Empires neighbor, had been eyeing them covetously, looking for an opportunity to start a war to seize more territory.

The main occupation of the Heavenly Saint Empire was Summoners, while the main occupation of the Dongyun Empire was mages.

Both sides were constantly fighting at the border.

The owners of these rings were from the group of mages sponsored by the Dongyun Empire.

They were all young talents with magical abilities who had been invited from different places.

Every mage had their own special storage ring, and this ring basically stored their important items and magic tools.

Of course, some mages had more than one ring, but there would definitely be something in the ring.

The way to activate it was also very simple.

It was the “Basic Counterspell” that every Summoner knew.

Of course, the degree of cracking would be different for different Summoners, but there would always be some unexpected good things.

“Haha, I didnt expect this ring to have magic crystals and a few at that.

Im going to make a fortune!”

At this moment, an excited voice sounded from the side.

Everyone looked over and saw a young Summoner cracking the ring and taking out the items stored inside.

“Its actually magic crystal.

I heard that one piece is worth at least 8000 dollars in the auction house.

He took four pieces, which is more than 30000 dollars, and a ring only costs 1000!”

“Then hes struck it rich.

Even Im tempted!”

“Boss, Ill have one too.”

“Boss, I want one too!”

One persons huge profit immediately attracted the envy of the people around him.

They immediately cast their gazes on the ring on the stall.

“Hurry up if you want to buy, or else all the good things will be taken away by others!” The boss happily took the money and continued to shout around.

Zhou Mingrui ignored him and quickly searched for the ring that gave him a strong feeling.

Through careful sensing, Zhou Mingrui quickly found it.

In the pile of rings to the right, there was a bone ring with a skeleton carved on its surface that gave him the strongest feeling.

Zhou Mingrui immediately walked forward and reached out to grab the ring.

But suddenly, a metal pole struck his wrist, pressing down on Zhou Mingruis hand.

“Hey, little brother, you have good eyes.

This is a storage ring that belonged to a necromancer.

Although its good, you have to pay for it before you take it.” The boss in the round hat said with a smile.

“Im sorry.” Zhou Mingrui quickly took out his savings card from the auction house and paid the boss.

“Here, take it.

I wish you good luck.” After the boss received the money, he used the metal rod in his hand to pick up the ring and placed it in front of Zhou Mingrui.

Zhou Mingrui took the ring, and indeed, a strong feeling came from the ring.

Just as Zhou Mingrui was about to leave, a metal pole appeared in front of his chest.

“Little brother, is this your first time gambling rings” The boss asked, still smiling.

“Thats right.

Did I do anything wrong” Zhou Mingrui admitted generously.

“After you buy the ring, you have to open it on the spot.

You cant bring it back and open it for yourself.

At the same time, after you crack it and take out one or two items, you can auction it again.” The bosss smile became even brighter.

Zhou Mingrui immediately understood that the stall owner was trying to increase his popularity.

This way, as long as he could arouse the interest of the people watching, even if there were thousands of rings, they could be sold out very quickly.

However, the only problem was that Zhou Mingrui didnt know how to activate the Basic Counterspell on rings.

He still needed to call Yan Wuyue over.

So he took out his cell phone, sent a message to Yan Wuyue, and said, “Im waiting for my friend to come over.

Can we open it together”

“Of course, you can.” The boss didnt mind as long as it was not opened in other places.

After placing the ring on his palm, Zhou Mingrui began to size it up.

He followed the bosss instructions and injected a small amount of energy into the ring.

If the energy was too much, it might destroy the magical structure of the storage ring, causing the space in the storage ring to collapse and disappear.

However, it was instantly sent flying back by a powerful force.

However, Zhou Mingrui could sense that the demonic energy contained within the ring gave him a very familiar feeling.

Subconsciously, he activated his Spirit Eye skill, and in his altered field of vision, a ring of light began to appear on the ring.

The rings of light were divided into two layers, the inner and outer rings.

More than ten different incantations were rotating in each ring.

The two layers of rings rotated in different directions, and the center was a polygonal core with many light edges.

A weak energy reaction appeared from this.

“Is this a storage ring” He thought.

Zhou Mingrui began to carefully size up the complex structure after lamenting.

However, at this moment, a stream of energy flowed out of his eyes and into the ring through his body.

By the time Zhou Mingrui reacted, the energy had already invaded the inner and outer layers of the ring.

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