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Sudden Appearance

“What Youre going to the outdoor selling area”

Upon hearing Zhou Mingruis words, Yan Wuyue asked in confusion, “The auction for that batch of medicine is about to begin.

If you want to check out the outdoor selling area, its not too late to go after the auction.”

Zhou Mingrui immediately explained, “My intuition tells me that theres something good there.

And my intuition has always been accurate.”

Yan Wuyue frowned.

“Its not a matter of whether your intuition is accurate or not.

We have the medicine at our fingertips.

Why do we have to waste the opportunity by going to the outdoor selling area”

“Even if there is, tell me, can you immediately find the thing that gave you the feeling”

Yan Wuyue was a little anxious.

She could not understand what Zhou Mingrui was thinking.

Zhou Mingrui pondered for a moment before explaining, “I cant, but as long as you give me time, Ill definitely find it.”

“Besides, theres a risk of not having enough money to buy your medicine, but mine can be obtained without any effort as long as I can find the source of the feeling.”

“And let me remind you, anything that can make me feel this way is definitely valuable enough.”

Yan Wuyue immediately rejected Zhou Mingruis choice and said, “No, thats too risky.

Once my item is taken away, I really cant get it back.

You still have a chance!”

Her face was already flushed red.

Clearly, she had been angered by Zhou Mingrui.

However, Zhou Mingrui said calmly, “Then lets go our separate ways.

I wont make things difficult for you.

You can split half of the money with me.”

This completely angered Yan Wuyue.

She lowered her voice and asked, “What if it just happens to exceed 50000 dollars”

“Zhou Mingrui, do you know what youre doing its not easy to get this opportunity, but you just had to do something like this at this critical moment!”

“Im not the only one whos going to use that medicine.

Most of it will be used on you, but youre showing me this attitude.”

Yan Wuyue had no idea what Zhou Mingrui was thinking.

She was really angry.

Zhou Mingrui completely ignored the anger on Yan Wuyues face and insisted, “Ive said that Im going to the selling area.

If you believe me, follow me.

If you dont, give me half of the money.”

After saying that, he looked straight at Yan Wuyue without the slightest intention of retreating.

“Alright, since you said so.

I can give you half of the money since you earned it.”

Sensing Zhou Mingruis determination, Yan Wuyue sighed helplessly and chose to give him half of the money.

“I wish you success.”

After Zhou Mingrui said that, he turned around and walked to the outdoor selling area.

He did not say another word.

Although Yan Wuyue felt very uncomfortable, the auction in the VIP area was about to start.

She couldnt waste time here and delay.

Soon, Yan Wuyue found her seat and sat down, waiting for the auction to begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Starry Sky Auction House.

Im the host of this auction.

You can just call me Old Yan.”

A moment later, a portion of the lights in the auction house was turned off and dimmed.

At the same time, a figure walked to the center of the auction stage.

“Im sure everyone has already seen the auction item this time from the picture book, so I wont say any more unnecessary words.

Let us officially begin the auction.”

“Todays first appetizer is the item that the Xuanzhan Adventure Team entrusted to our auction house to auction.”

As the hosts voice fell, eight cracks suddenly appeared on the ground behind him, forming a polygon that quickly spread out.

A cylinder quickly rose up from it, and a silver rectangular box was placed on top of the cylinder.

The host turned around, put on gloves, and opened the box.

Inside were five rectangular objects made of silver metal.

“The five cubes in this box are the spoils of war that the adventure team obtained from a high-level monsters nest.

Neither the auction house nor the adventure team knows what is sealed inside, but they can be cracked open by force.”

“As long as youre not a fool, youll know that an item with such a level of protection is definitely not cheap.

As long as you take it, youll have a chance to crack it and obtain a priceless item!”

“And the starting bid is only 5000 dollars.

How can everyone miss such an opportunity”

“The auction officially begins.

5000 going once!”

When the hosts voice fell, no one present made a bid at the first moment.


What a joke.

If that was the case, the first person to open the box would be the auction house.

It wouldnt be auctioned.

The accountants of the auction house must have calculated the value of the item in the box, and there was a high chance that it would not be able to cover the cost of opening the box.

“5000 going twice.”

“Everyone, believe me, you might be able to get an item of great value with just 10000 dollars.”

“Everyone, are you really not going to consider it 10000 dollars is just a small amount of money to you.”

The auctioneer was trying his best to liven up the atmosphere of the first wave.

Unfortunately, there werent many people below who wanted to take advantage of the situation.

They were all quietly watching the stage.

“Ill bid 6000 dollars.”

Just as the auctioneer was about to hammer the gavel for the third time in disappointment, Yan Wuyue raised her hand and bid.

Although the order of appearance was not the same as before she was reborn, she was sure that these were the medicine she wanted.

At the same time, no one bid for them after it was called twice, which made her feel relieved.

Yan Wuyue was now waiting for the auctioneer to announce that the item in the box belonged to her.

“Alright, this beautiful lady has made her bid.

6000 going once.”

“6000 going twice!”

The auctioneer began to raise his gavel and knock on the table, reminding the people around to bid.

Yan Wuyues face was already showing a smile of victory, but the next moment, a voice came from the side.


Yan Wuyue immediately turned to look at the source of the voice, but the smile on her face had disappeared.

The man seemed to feel Yan Wuyues gaze.

He turned his head and looked into her eyes, and then he showed an elegant smile.

“Alright, Young Master Zhao has raised the bid.

7000 going once.”

Upon hearing the auctioneers words, Zhao Anqis figure immediately appeared in Yan Wuyues mind.

“This is troublesome.

Why did it have to be Zhao Ruian” She thought.

Yan Wuyue had a headache.

Even though the champion of the competition wasnt here, she didnt expect Zhao Ruian would appear.

This guy was from the same clan as Zhao Anqi, but Zhao Anqi was hostile to her, while Zhao Ruian was in love with her.

He had pursued her in public many times, like a fly, annoying her.

Although the Zhao family had only flourished for two generations, they had made it to the ranks of some important figures with their financial resources, so they were not afraid of the Yan family.

Yan Wuyue believed that Zhao Ruian was not deliberately looking for trouble with her.

It was very likely that he just wanted to buy the item to please her.

However, it was infuriating that he had to disrupt the situation at this time.

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