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The Berserk Lizard

When Zhou Mingrui heard that the purple lizard was heading towards his direction, he immediately gave the Goblin King the order to engage.

The Goblin King seemed to have sensed the approaching danger, and immediately locked its gaze in the direction of the giant purple lizard.

The ground began to shake slightly, but the Goblin King stood still, his gaze never shifting away from that direction.

However, after a few seconds, the ground suddenly stopped shaking.

Zhou Mingruis eyes narrowed.

He was certain that the purple lizard would not stop its attack.

In that case, it must be hiding in preparation for a sneak attack.

However, the Goblin King held its breath.

It didnt choose to run or attack randomly.

Instead, it closed its eyes and calmed down.

After about 40 seconds, the Goblin King, which had been motionless all this time, suddenly moved.

It quickly raised its right arm.

As it clenched its fist, a green light suddenly flickered.

Then, the Goblin King roared and leaped into the air.

At this moment, the ground where the Goblin King was standing suddenly bulged, and the purple lizard broke out of the ground.

If the Goblin King had been a second or two later, he would have been pounced on like the humanoid monster before and fallen into a passive disadvantage.

The Goblin King, which was in mid-air, grinned when it saw the giant lizard.

Then, it threw out a fist with a shining glow as it landed.

“Damn, a punch from the sky” Zhou Mingrui cried out in shock when he saw this.

[Violent Strike]

[Skill effect: This skill can be used in any way from any position by exerting power.

After activation, the strength bonus will be determined by the way the fist is swung.

When the damage bonus reaches a certain level, it will trigger shield-breaking and armor-breaking effects.]

It was a very short introduction, but it was great.

To put it in simpler terms, the damage of your skills depended on the posture of your attack.

The giant purple lizard didnt expect the Goblin King to predict its appearance.

By the time it realized, it was already impossible for the giant purple lizard to stop from the momentum its forceful charge.

Before it could react, the Goblin Kings fist had already landed on its body.

The effect of the violent strike immediately erupted.

The giant lizard originally wanted to rely on its shell to withstand the attack, but it immediately cracked from the impact, and its body fell to the ground at a faster speed than before.

With a loud boom, a large amount of dirt and gravel rose into the sky, and the ground began to shake violently.

A huge pit was formed in an instant, and the purple lizard let out a painful howl.

The Goblin King wouldnt let go of this opportunity.

After jumping into the pit, it raised its huge fists and slammed down.


The sound of the impact reverberated in all directions, but the purple lizards shell still played a big role in defense.

Even though it was cracked by the armor-breaking effect of the Violent Strike, it still helped the lizard withstand most of the damage.

The next moment, the giant purple lizard suddenly jumped out of the pit, dragging along the Goblin King on its back.

As it landed on the ground, the giant lizard immediately began to ram its body sideways in an attempt to throw the Goblin King off.

However, the Goblin King had grabbed onto its shell in advance.

No matter how hard it tried, it couldnt shake the Goblin King off.

On the contrary, the latter seized the opportunity to launch another wave of attacks.

The battle between the two sides was direct and brutal.

The ground shook and countless trees and stones were knocked into the air.

“As expected, its still not enough.

Its a good thing I chose to fuse them first.

Otherwise, there is no way that creature from before would be able to hold on.”

Zhou Mingrui sighed.

If he didnt make that choice, that trash from before probably wouldnt even last a second with the giant lizard.

As the battle continued, the surrounding terrain was completely destroyed.

[How is it going, Wuyue ] Zhou Mingrui immediately asked.

[I still need time.

This stone is more difficult to deal with than I expected.

Why Are you holding on fine] Yan Wuyues voice came over.

Glancing at the two creatures still engaged in battle, Zhou Mingrui immediately replied, [We can still hold on.

You should speed up on your side too, in case anything else happens.]

[Okay, Ill be careful on my side.

You have to pay attention to your safety too.

If you really cant handle it, just give up and let it come over.]

After the two of them finished communicating with each other, Zhou Mingrui looked up at the battlefield again.

The battle had already entered the climax.

The big lizards shell is almost shattered, with green blood flowing out of many places, dripping to the ground.

The Goblin King also began to sustain injuries, but because it was an undead servant, coupled with the effects of Diamond Body and Rapid Recovery, its injuries recovered at a visible rate.

From this battle, it could be seen that the Goblin Kings attributes were not a match for the purple lizard.

If it wasnt for the fact that it had the advantage of quick recovery and its grasp of the battle opportunities, the Goblin King might have already been defeated.

However, the consequence of this bloody battle was that the energy in Zhou Mingruis body was rapidly depleting.

It completely exceeded the speed of his natural recovery.

However, Zhou Mingrui could not back away.

His current mission was to stall for time as much as possible.

At this moment, the large purple lizard that had been fighting the Goblin King suddenly became more violent.

Originally, it was still slightly defensive.

But at this instant, it had switched completely into an offensive mode, fighting in a way that was exhanging injury for injury.

With this, even with the two-fold support from its recovery talents, the injuries on the Goblin Kings body began to worsen.

However, Zhou Mingrui ordered it to continue taking the attacks.

There was only one possibility for the big purple lizards reaction, which was that something had happened at Yan Wuyues side, forcing the big lizard to react at the cost of its own injury.

However, it did not know that the Goblin King was an undead servant.

Under Zhou Mingruis command, it was not afraid of death.

After a few rounds of fighting, the big lizard finally realized that this creature in front of it was trying to hold it back no matter what.

It immediately went berserk.

The dark purple shell on its body suddenly began to expand, and the cracks on it flickered with a blood-red light, as if blood vessels were constantly flashing and expanding.

With a ripping sound, like a pair of scissors cutting through cloth, a large bloody gash appeared on the Goblin Kings chest.

“It went berserk” Zhou Mingrui frowned when he saw this.

He immediately ordered the Goblin King to retreat, but in a split second, its strong body was already sent flying by a forceful sweep from the giant purple lizards tail.

Even with the damage reduction effects from its diamond body, it was still heavily injured by this attack.

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