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Zhou Mingruis eyes flickered.

He was not surprised that plants had parasitic abilities.

After all, he had seen them in his previous life.

However, the Myriad Soul Flower…

When he took another look at the item, Zhou Mingrui immediately felt a little uncomfortable.

“Weve studied the Myriad Soul Flower after the great calamity.

Its actually not a plant but a living creature.

The Myriad Soul flowers outer body is only used as an appearance to attract other creatures.”

“You might ask, why would anyone want to eat such a disgusting thing”

“But its the exact opposite.

The weirder a monster is, the more interested they are.

After eating one and finding out that there are no side effects, and that it can even increase their intelligence, the other monsters will be even more interested.”

“This kind of behavior will attract the attention of humans, and then they will try it out, resulting in the current outcome.”

After hearing Yan Wuyues words, Zhou Mingrui was even more confused and asked, “So, no one has discovered it yet”

Yan Wuyue sneered.

“At first, those guys thought it was a precious treasure.

But after the great calamity, the consciousness of the Myriad Soul Flower suddenly occupied most of their bodies.

They turned into monsters that are neither human nor ghosts.”

Zhou Mingrui immediately felt a chill run down his spine.

“Is it that disgusting”

“The Myriad Soul Flower wont take over your consciousness completely,” Yan Wuyue said in a deep voice.

“Itll leave you a space of consciousness so that you can live on in its place at all costs.”

“Ive seen a guy who was parasitized by the Myriad Soul Flower with my own eyes.

He couldnt die because the Myriad Soul Flower would spare no effort to keep him alive.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mingrui looked at the Myriad Soul Flower again and immediately felt his hair stand on end.

“The starting price is 6.7 million.

Each bid must be no less than 400000.

Lets begin!”

“7.5 million!”

“7.9 million!”

“8.5 million!”

Zhou Mingruis brows furrowed deeply when he saw the crowd frantically bidding.

However, he did not stop them.

Putting aside the fact that he had no way of explaining how he knew about the Myriad Soul flowers side effects, even if he did, who would be willing to believe him

“12 million!”

Soon, the price reached 12 million, leaving Zhou Mingrui speechless.

In the end, the price reached an extremely high price of 18 million, and the auction of this thing was considered to have ended.

“Poor thing.”

Zhou Mingrui shook his head as he looked at the excited fellow who had won the Myriad Soul Flower.

Following that, two more items were auctioned, but neither of them caught Zhou Mingruis and Yan Wuyues interest.

“The next auction item is from an explorer who went to Zone B.

He found this and provided it to us.

After our team of experts examined it, we confirmed that it is a special metal from the outside world.”

“Its harder than any metal we have right now, and its also extremely tough.

Its also very good at conducting energy, and its main use is that it can block all kinds of monsters perception.”

“In other words, this metal ball can allow you to avoid the perception of many monsters in dangerous exploration areas.

It will make it easy for you to search for treasures and explore various dangerous places.”

This time, the hosts introduction piqued everyones interest and heated up the scene again.

“The auctions starting price is 2.2 million.

Each bid increment must not be less than 100000!

As soon as the host finished speaking, Yan Wuyue immediately said, “Bid it!”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Mingrui did not waste any time and immediately joined the bidding.

Although it wasnt as crazy as the previous Myriad Soul Flower, it was still quite lively.

Very quickly, the price reached 3.3 million.

However, many of the people present were not that interested in it.

In the end, they stopped when they reached Zhou Mingruis price.

“3.3 million going twice, 3.3 million going thrice!


Congratulations to the gentleman in seat number 8 for successfully winning the 19th item.”

Seeing that the next auction item wasnt what they wanted, Zhou Mingrui began to ask Yan Wuyue.

“This thing isnt just made of metal.

Its actually an egg.”

Yan Wuyues words surprised Zhou Mingrui.

He really did not expect the stone to be an egg.

“Thats a level 6 monsters egg, and its extremely rare.

Dont look down on it just because its a level 6 monster.

This type of monster is very useful.” Yan Wuyue said.

“Whats the use” Zhou Mingrui asked.

“Although its level 6, it can travel through different spaces.

It can bring other living creatures into a different space,” Yan Wuyue replied.

“It can also instantly adapt to the environment there.”

“I understand.” Zhou Mingrui immediately understood the crux of the matter.

Simply put, this monster could bring other life forms to travel through different dimensions.

It was a very useful skill for both fighting and escaping.

“Todays auction was a good one.

I didnt expect to get these three useful items.” Zhou Mingrui was already very satisfied.

“Its so-so.

Its not really anything good.” In the video, Yan Wuyue, who was in the car, said lightly.

“I know you have high standards.” Zhou Mingrui pursed his lips.

Very quickly, there was only one item left on the auction stage.

When it was brought to the auction table and opened, waves of exclamations immediately rang out in the hall.

Below the stage, Zhou Mingrui took a look.

After the gauze was removed, it revealed a gemstone the size of a pigeons eye that glowed with a faint icy-blue light.

“Ladies and gentlemen, its almost time for the auction to end.

The last item is naturally the finale of todays auction.”

“As for why its so precious, as long as you wear it, the wearer will be able to feel the energy flow around them, including their own body.

They can even detect the change in spatial energy within a ten-meter radius.”

“Of course, thats not the only benefit.

This gem is constantly emitting a special wave that can keep you awake during battle and ignore any mental attacks.”

“At the same time, it can even help to shield from the surrounding useless things during cultivation.

At the same time, it can help the wearer concentrate.”

“Of course, if thats the case, it wouldnt be treated as a finale item.”

“The most important thing about this gem is that it contains the secret of advancing to levels 8 and 9.

There are even legends that it contains the secret of advancing to level 10,” the host continued.

As soon as he said that, everyones faces became excited.

In todays society, levels 6 and 7 were everywhere, but if they were above level 8, the number would start to slide.

Many of them had actually reached the peak of level 6 or 7, but they were unable to advance any further.

This gem, on the other hand, could help the wearer to truly enter the next stage of the process.

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