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“Dont you think my father is acting a little strange”

Zhao Anqi suddenly asked while the car was driving.

Zhou Mingrui was taken aback before he said, “Im sorry, I didnt pay much attention.”

Zhao Anqi didnt seem to mind.

She leaned on Zhou Mingruis shoulder and said, “My father used me as bait.”

Zhou Mingrui raised his brows.

After some thought, he understood what Zhao Anqi was trying to say.

“But Im not angry.”

Without waiting for Zhou Mingrui to respond, Zhao Anqi continued, “I know my fathers current situation, and I hope to be able to help him.

Even if he uses me as bait, I can understand his difficulties.”

Zhou Mingrui blinked his eyes, at a loss for words.

“I know, youre trying to say that Im stupid and naïve,” Zhao Anqi continued.

Just as Zhou Mingrui was about to speak, Zhao Anqi continued, “I know, but I have to do this.

When I was young, my mother died due to complications while giving birth to me.

It was my father who raised me alone.

He also had to start a business, and sometimes he didnt even sleep for days.”

After hearing Zhao Anqis recount, Zhou Mingrui was left speechless.

Since she was asking him, she should give him a chance to speak!

“You can understand my dad, right” Finally, Zhao Anqi looked at Zhou Mingrui and asked.

“I can understand.” This time, Zhou Mingrui quickly said.

“Thank you for being willing to listen to me.” Zhao Anqi closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Zhou Mingruis firm shoulders and reliability.

Zhou Mingrui had no intention of trying to break free from Zhao Anqis grasp as he felt the softness on his arm.

He had to admit that Zhao Anqis figure was really hot.

She wasnt even sixteen years old yet.

If she was a few years older, wouldnt she really be fully ripe

Zhou Mingrui could not help but secretly extend his palm and touch her soft waist.

That astonishing softness and slight elasticity, in addition to Zhao Anqis faint fragrance, made Zhou Mingrui lose himself in her.

Zhao Anqi didnt resist.

Instead, she blushed and moved even closer.

Zhou Mingruis hands became bolder and bolder.

He even began to touch the pair of perfectly round balls.


Zhao Anqi nodded as her face turned even redder, and it was as alluring as a ripe apple.

He touched the round thing that even a hand couldnt grasp.

That amazing touch, that slight heartbeat, that indescribable feeling.

Even in the previous battles, Zhou Mingrui had never experienced his heart racing or nervousness.

Yet, it had appeared at this moment.

Zhao Anqi lifted her head at this moment and saw that Zhou Mingrui was also moved.

After adjusting her posture, she immediately kissed him.

How could Zhou Mingrui withstand the test He immediately responded to the other party, and the two of them quickly engaged in a kiss.

This car had been modified, and the back of the car was completely closed.

The driver in front could not see the back of the car, and could only communicate through the internal walkie-talkie.

The two of them hugged each other.

Zhao Anqi was probably under a lot of pressure from recent events, so she began to actively seduce Zhou Mingrui.

Perhaps it was because they were in an enclosed environment, or perhaps it was because Zhao Anqis seduction was too strong, but Zhou Mingruis rationality completely collapsed.

The two of them were entangled and began to embrace each other.

Zhao Anqis body was like a snake as it coiled around Zhou Mingrui, instigating the most primal desires in his body and heart.

Zhou Mingrui was quick to act.

With Zhao Anqis cooperation, he quickly stripped the woman naked.

He touched her silk-like skin, kissed her smooth lips, and his snake-like tongue slithered around her back, teasing her slender fingers.

It made Zhou Mingrui erupt like a volcano.

Soon, he also took off his clothes.

Panting heavily, Zhao Anqi felt the heat on her face.

She couldnt help but feel her body heating up and a certain part of her body was starting to overflow.

Just as Zhou Mingrui was about to drive straight in, the cars walkie-talkie suddenly rang.

“Miss, well be there in five minutes.”

This sound jolted the two of them to their senses.

Zhou Mingrui immediately regained his sanity as his body immediately turned into energy.

He immediately suppressed most of his intense desire.

His strong body was immediately covered by tight-fitting bone armor, and the important parts below were also immediately covered.

As for Zhao Anqi, she was lying on the soft sofa in the car.

Her face was flushed red as she glared at Zhou Mingrui with a resentful expression.

Zhou Mingrui naturally felt the burning gaze that seemed to burn through him.

However, he did not dare to look at it, nor could he.

After that, he first heard the sound of tissue being pulled out, then there was a slight rustling sound, and then the sound of clothes being put on.

Even though Zhou Mingrui did not witness it with his own eyes, the countless scenes that he had seen before automatically appeared in his mind.

It made his body, which had been mostly calm, burn up once again.

After all, it was still an energy body, and his desire was quickly suppressed.

“Alright, I allowed you to make a move, but you didnt.

Now, I wont let you have your way again.”

Zhao Anqi put on her clothes again and said angrily.

After all, who wouldnt be angry if they were at their peak and ended up falling down halfway

“Im sorry, I was too impulsive just now.” Zhou Mingrui took the initiative to apologize.

“This has nothing to do with you.

Its my problem.” Zhao Anqi immediately replied, but her voice sounded unhappy.

“Well, this is for you.” Zhou Mingrui suddenly said.

Zhao Anqi was taken aback.

She turned around and saw Zhou Mingruis hand reaching out.

“Whats inside” Zhao Anqi asked with anticipation.

“Why dont you open it” Zhou Mingrui chuckled as he opened his palm.

There was a small box inside.

Zhao Anqi grabbed the box and opened it.

Inside, there was a coin made of special material.

She curiously took out the coin and found that it was cold to the touch, like jade, but there was a certain pattern carved on it.

Zhao Anqi squinted her eyes and tried to identify it, but the picture on it was still a little blurry, so she had no choice but to bring it closer to her.

Soon, she was a little surprised.

Because the content carved on it was actually her portrait, and it was so lifelike that not a single detail was left out.

“This… This was made by you” Zhao Anqi looked at Zhou Mingrui.

“Mmm, I thought that I had never given you anything before, so I made this little thing for you.” Zhou Mingrui laughed.

“Dont mind me.

I dont have much money myself.

I can only make this for you.”

“No, this is enough.” Zhao Anqi, on the other hand, was filled with smiles.

There was a sense of happiness in her smile.

Then, he saw her carefully put the Jade coin into the box and put it on her body.

“In my opinion, it is the most precious.”

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