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Just like that, Zhou Mingrui kept staring at Yan Wuyue, and the latter also looked straight at him.

Neither of them had the intention of shifting their gazes.

The entire living room quieted down, so much so that even a pin drop could be heard.

After a long time, Yan Wuyue suddenly smiled.

[Alright, I didnt want to hide it from you, but Im not sure if this idea is correct.] Yan Wuyue said slowly.

[What idea] Zhou Mingrui asked sternly.

[I want to see if there are any other reincarnated people besides me.] At this point, Yan Wuyues eyes became strange.

[What] Zhou Mingrui was shocked.

How could there be such a move

[Thats right.

Youre surprised, right But Im not surprised.] Yan Wuyue said lightly.

[Why do you think so] Zhou Mingrui continued asking.

[How should I put it From the moment I was reborn, I suspected that there might be other reincarnated people because this concerns my personal interests.] Yan Wuyue said.

Zhou Mingrui frowned and said, [Indeed.]

Yan Wuyue said seriously, [Because all the reincarnated people will know all the key information, which is the key to changing their original development trajectory.]

[If theres really someone whos been reincarnated like me, then many things have to be re-planned.]

Zhou Mingrui suddenly said, [For example, the butterfly effect]

There was such a term in this world.

Yan Wuyue nodded and said, [Thats right.

One reincarnated person might be fine, but for two or more reincarnated people, the more things they do, the stronger the butterfly effect will be, leading to the final situation becoming an unchangeable situation.]

Zhou Mingrui narrowed his eyes and said, [So, your goal is to use this opportunity to see if there are any reincarnated people.

What if there are]

Yan Wuyue said with a serious expression, [If there are really reincarnated people like me, we can either sit down and talk it out or if we cant cooperate, Ill eliminate them myself!]

Zhou Mingrui took a deep breath and said, [Do you really have to be so decisive]

For the first time, Yan Wuyues eyes were filled with killing intent when she was not fighting.

[I will not allow anyone to ruin the future.]

[It wasnt easy for me to be reborn and given a chance to save mankind again.

How can I let those people ruin it!]

Zhou Mingrui sighed.

[Perhaps they have the same thoughts]

Yan Wuyue withdrew her killing intent and said, [Thats why I said we should talk to them first.

If their ideas match, we can naturally work together.

Theres no difference in saving mankind.]

[Im just afraid that some people only care about becoming stronger themselves, and destroying all the future paths of mankind.

I will kill such people if they appear!]

Zhou Mingrui smacked his lips.

This kind of person was truly ruthless among those who were reincarnated.

In the novels he had read before transmigrating, those transmigrators would wantonly find opportunities to improve their strength, completely ignoring their own actions and the problems around them.

Zhou Mingrui said with a sigh, [So thats how it is.

I understand now.]

Yan Wuyue sat down and said, [Actually if Im crazy enough, I know a lot of treasures and ways to improve my strength.

But if I get them all, Im wasting the resources that can help the whole human race progress.]

[Perhaps you dont quite understand what Im saying.

To put it simply, Ill go and get those things, but I wont rely on them too much.]

[Thats because itll only be a waste of resources.

It looks like Im improving rapidly, but its also indirectly weakening the progress of the entire human race.]

[My experience before I was reborn made me understand that unless there is someone who has reached a certain level of strength and can completely protect all mankind, it is best for all mankind to fight together.]

Zhou Mingrui was at a loss for words.

Yan Wuyue was not entirely correct, but she was also not wrong.

The conclusion was that, from Yan Wuyues point of view, what she did was completely right.

But from another point of view, it was not so right.

[Are you thinking that if I dont do it for humanity, but for myself, that would be the right thing to do] Yan Wuyue suddenly asked.

[No, my point of view is that the good or bad of things depends on the results.

If we pay too much attention to the process, it will be a waste of energy and time if the results are wrong.

So, I think its good as long as we can achieve the goal.] Zhou Mingrui expressed his opinion.

[Very good.

In that case, I wont waste any more time explaining it to you.

After all, you are my summoned spirit.

If we dont have the same thinking, we wont be able to move towards our goal.] Yan Wuyue said with satisfaction.

Perhaps the two of them actually had different processes and ideas, but as long as the results were the same and they didnt interfere with each other, it was good.

After all, no two people had the same thoughts.

“If you run into any trouble, let me know at once.

Ill rush over as fast as I can.” Zhou Mingrui said.

“Dont worry, Im not the kind of person who likes to put on a brave front.” Yan Wuyue smiled.

The two of them looked at each other again.

The difference was that this time, the two of them smiled.

It was another three days of hard work.

During these three days, Yan Wuyue would go out every day, with Zhou Mingrui following closely behind.

However, every time they went, they would return with nothing.

It was evident that it wasnt the time yet.

“Zhou Mingrui, the auction will start at two in the afternoon.

Remember to come to my house in advance.

Well set off together.”

“Alright, I got it.”

After hanging up, Zhou Mingrui looked at Yan Wuyue.

“Go ahead.

You can take a picture of the auctioned items for me.

I usually wont make a mistake.” Yan Wuyue said.

“Alright, be careful on the road.” Zhou Mingrui instructed.

The two of them quickly split up.

Zhou Mingrui went straight to Zhao Anqis house.

“Hello, Uncle Zhao.”

In the living room, Zhou Mingrui spoke when he saw Zhao Desheng waiting.

Zhao Desheng nodded slightly and said without any airs, “Ill have to trouble you with Anqis safety then.

She doesnt have a good temper, so please bear with her.”



Amidst the laughter, Zhao Anqi and Zhou Mingrui got into their car and left.

“Boss, is it really okay to rely on that summoned spirit for the safety of the young miss Should I get a few of my brothers to follow behind”

After Zhao Anqi and Zhou Mingrui left, one of his subordinates asked worriedly.

Zhao Desheng said indifferently, “If they really dare to make a move, itll give me a reason to make a move.

Having Zhou Mingrui is enough.”

“But…” The subordinate was still worried.

“Go and do your thing.

I have other plans for Anqis safety.

You dont have to worry about it.” Zhao Desheng said in a deep voice.

“Yes, Boss.” The subordinate did not say anything more and turned to leave.

In the living room, only Zhao Desheng was left pondering, but from time to time, the ruthlessness in his eyes would make people shiver.

“Zhao Derong, youd better not use any underhanded tactics, or Ill let you know how to spell the wordpain.”

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