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Youre too Shameless!

“You, you dont know what a reincarnated person is”

Yan Wuyue couldnt believe it, as if she was looking at an alien.

However, she suddenly recalled that Zhou Mingrui came from the illusionary spirit world.

It was normal for him not to know what a reincarnated person was.

At this moment, Yan Wuyue finally came to her senses.

It turned out that she had been mistaken all along.

Zhou Mingrui was a summoned spirit, not a Summoner like her.

“Ill explain to you what a reincarnated person is.

For example, if I have the memories of the present and suddenly go back to time and space ten years ago, then Im a reincarnated person.”

Yan Wuyue tried to explain to Zhou Mingrui in the simplest words.

“You have to know that in 10 years, the entire human race will face terrifying monsters from unknown places.

Endless monsters will fight with us humans, fighting for territory.”

“Even if I become the leader of the entire human race ten years later, the Goddess of Redemption with top combat power, I will not be able to turn the tide and kill all those monsters.”

“But now that Ive been reincarnated and summoned you, with your growth potential and my reborn identity, we can definitely raise our strength to an even more powerful realm before the great calamity arrives.”

“In that case, we will have hope to defeat those monsters, take back the territory we lost, and save all mankind!”

“As long as you sign the contract with me, we can become the saviors of the world, the benefactors of all mankind!”

The more Yan Wuyue spoke, the more emotional she became.

In the end, she even raised her hands and began a passionate speech.

“But what does this have to do with me If this world falls, I can just return to the illusionary spirit world.

I dont believe that they can still go to the illusionary spirit world to find me.”

Zhou Mingrui shook his head and denied Yan Wuyues words.

Yan Wuyues face turned pale with anger.

She felt as if there was blood in her throat, and her chest felt extremely tight and uncomfortable.

However, Yan Wuyue still endured it.

She knew that she was now shouldering the hope of the entire human race and couldnt be buried by her anger.

Therefore, Yan Wuyue kept taking deep breaths to suppress the volcano that was about to explode in her heart.

Yan Wuyues face, which was originally so angry that it almost erupted like a volcano, was forcibly transformed into an amiable expression in just a few seconds.

The twitching muscles on her face proved how much force she was putting in and enduring it in her heart.

“Then Ill tell you about the reincarnated person.

If you sign a contract with me, I can bring you to find more good equipment and relics.”

“That was all planned before I was reborn.

Some of the things are very precious.

They might even be unique in this world.”

“Im the only one who knows their current location or the method to obtain them.”

“Those things can help you and me to quickly increase our strength and surpass the people around us!”

Looking at Yan Wuyues change of attitude, Zhou Mingrui was laughing in his heart, but he still maintained a serious expression.

“Although youre a rare undead creature, I still know many treasures that belong to you.”

“As long as you sign a contract with me, Ill definitely give you a share of the treasure hunt.

However, if you dont sign a contract with me, then these things can only be left aside covered in the dust.”

Looking at Zhou Mingrui, who seemed to be deep in thought, Yan Wuyue continued to increase her offensive power, trying to take down the entire mountain in one fell swoop!

“I understand your reasoning, but why should I believe you Theres no assurance for me when theres no evidence.”

“And after signing the contract, you can go back on your words, and I cant hold you responsible.”

“Do you think you would do such a thing if you were in my shoes”

Zhou Mingrui shook his head and retorted with a solemn tone.

In fact, this was just a test.

After all, the innate talent “Contract Coherence” was a passive existence, and he really wanted to sign a contract.

However, he had to keep all this in his heart and couldnt show any flaws on his face.

“Then what do you want!”

Yan Wuyue was completely at her wits end.

She stopped pretending to be kind, revealed her pair of tiger teeth, and asked fiercely.

“Haha, thats more like it.

This is the real you.

I felt embarrassed when you were acting like that before.”

Zhou Mingrui laughed out loud, making Yan Wuyues right cheek twitch.

“Actually, I quite like this world too.

After all, the illusionary spirit world is really too boring.

Its just the same things that never change.”

Zhou Mingrui shrugged his shoulders and put down his luggage.

“So, youre willing to sign the contract”

Yan Wuyue was surprised at first, and she looked happy for the first time.

“Well, I can sign the contract.

Youre already so sincere.

It would be unreasonable if I dont sign it.”

Zhou Mingruis handsome features formed from energy smiled.

“Thats it.

Signing with me will only bring you benefits and no harm.”

Yan Wuyue nodded and said with confidence.

“But lets get the serious stuff out of the way first.

Although we can sign the contract, we have to agree to three rules!”

Zhou Mingrui raised three fingers and spoke in a solemn tone.

“What three rules Ill say this first, dont you raise any excessive conditions, or Id rather not sign with you!”

Suddenly, Yan Wuyues face showed a vigilant look, and then she took several steps back.

“What are you thinking…”

Zhou Mingrui was speechless.

What was this woman thinking

“I have three conditions.”

“The first one is that we can only sign an equality contract.

No other contracts are allowed.”

Zhou Mingrui extended a finger.

“Thats not a problem.

Theres no way youre signing other kinds of contracts, and I cant bring myself to say it either.”

Yan Wuyue nodded in agreement.

“The second condition is that all the spoils of war from now on will split to 30 – 70.

Ill take 70%, and youll take 30%.

Ill have the priority to choose what benefits me.”

Zhou Mingrui said as he extended a second finger.

“This is too much.

Its clearly an equality contract, so why should we split the spoils 30 – 70”

Yan Wuyue was immediately displeased.

Was this an equality contract or a slave contract

“The third condition.

From the moment the contract is signed, you have no right to demand me to take the initiative to fight unless Im willing.”

Zhou Mingrui extended his third finger and spoke with a calm expression.

“What! Are you kidding me”

Hearing this, Yan Wuyue immediately exploded!

“You mean, according to the second condition, if you refuse to fight, I have to give you 70% of the spoils of war for no reason”

“And I, the one who contributed, can only get 30%”

“Are you trying to insult my intelligence”

Yan Wuyue was so angry that she covered her chest with her hand.

She had never met someone who could be so shameless!

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