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Am I Qualified Now

“What kind of power is this”

Zhao Qishiba was shocked.

If he hadnt seen this persons information beforehand, he would have thought that Zhou Mingrui was at the same cultivation level as him.

Shocked, Zhao Qishiba immediately gathered all the energy in his body.

His level advantage allowed him to withstand the attack and prevent his weapon from slipping out of his hand.

At the same time, Zhao Qishibas lips moved slightly, and a black shadow quickly separated from his body.

As for Zhou Mingrui, he had already raised his blade and slashed down again.

However, at that instant, a black shadow appeared behind Zhou Mingrui.

A sharp attack sliced through the air, heading for the back of his neck.

‘A clone, no, a real body.

Zhou Mingrui relied on his powerful perception of the surrounding space to know that this was not just Zhao Qishibas projection.

The black shadow behind him was most likely Zhao Qishibas summoned spirit.

A summoners summoned spirit could generally be seen from their combat style.

For example, Zhou Mingruis initial speculation was that Zhao Qishibas summoned spirit was either of the space element or something similar to the shadow element.

With a loud clang, Zhou Mingruis neck was slanted from the impact, and he was sent flying back.

At the same time, the bone armor on his neck cracked for the first time, and some fragments fell to the ground.

“Nice bone armor.

I just dont know how many more hits you can take.”

Zhao Qishiba slipped back into the darkness and said eerily, “I forgot to tell you, I only used 30% of my strength just now.”

Before he could finish his sentence, two air-rending sounds streaked past.

Zhou Mingruis chest and back suffered simultaneous attacks.

Zhou Mingrui felt his chest and back being struck by two massive forces at the same time.

His bone armor, which had always been extremely hard, began to crack and have tiny gaps.

“Do you really think that you can beat me just because you beat that stupid bear Just because you used your strongest domain debuff skill to trap me”

Zhao Qishibas voice continued to ring out, but his attacks did not stop.

Zhou Mingrui was caught up in endless attacks that came from different angles, each attack stronger than the previous one.

“Didnt anyone tell you that a summoner below level 60 and a summoner after level 60 are like people from two different worlds”

Zhao Qishibas face, which was hidden under the mask, suddenly appeared behind Zhou Mingruis ear as he muttered those words.

Zhou Mingrui frowned.

He really did not know what the difference was.

“I can tell at a glance that no one told you.

Since you look so pitiful, let me enlighten you,” Zhao Qishiba chuckled.

“A level 60 summoner is qualified to awaken a surmounting skill, and the connection between the summoner and the spirit will be strengthened again.

Their combat strength will be greatly improved.”

After listening to Zhao Qishibas explanation, Zhou Mingrui finally had a rough idea of what was going on.

It was just like the online games in his previous world.

Every time a player reached a certain level, they would have a large advancement.

“Alright, you should know that you have no chance of winning against me now.” When Zhao Qishiba saw Zhou Mingruis lack of action, he assumed that the other party had given up.

Zhao Qishibas attacks did not stop.

All sorts of wounds appeared on Zhou Mingruis bone armor, which was on the verge of shattering.

However, Zhou Mingrui remained in a defensive stance and did not retaliate at all.

Zhao Qishiba was certain that this guy had no intention of giving up.

He was just trying to stall for time.

“What are you stalling for Do you think you still have any trump cards that can defeat me”

“Dont be delusional.

The gap between us is something you cant make up for at your stage.

Just give up.”

As he spoke, the dagger in Zhao Qishibas hands suddenly glowed with a black light.

Immediately following that, he struck Zhou Mingruis chest.

With a bang, the bone armor on his body finally could not hold on any longer, and collapsed into countless bone pieces that fell to the ground.

At the same time, Zhou Mingruis chest was struck by the black light.

The powerful energy pierced through his chest, and as it struck him, a shockwave exploded.

After he retracted his dagger, Zhou Mingruis entire body plummeted to the ground like a kite with a broken string.

“No matter how powerful your reputation is outside, no matter how talented you are, your current level is still not enough.”

Zhao Qishiba appeared in front of Zhou Mingrui in a flash.

He pressed his dagger against his throat and said, “So, youd better stay out of this.

Otherwise, my hand might accidentally slip.”

“Now, listen to my command.

End this spatial skill immediately.”

Zhou Mingrui suddenly laughed when he saw the dagger pressed against his throat.

“Im quite impressed that you still have the mood to laugh.”

Zhao Qishiba looked at Zhou Mingruis smile and couldnt help but feel wonder.

“Im very curious.

Why were you so confident since the beginning that you are stronger than me” After saying that, Zhou Mingrui transformed into a ball of eerie flames.

The moment the flames appeared, Zhao Qishiba, who had long since sensed danger, immediately dodged to the side to avoid the threatening flames that made his hair stand on end.

Zhou Mingrui stood up.

In the midst of the flames, the wound that pierced through his chest was visibly healing at an accelerated speed.

“Who told you that I am only this strong”

Zhou Mingruis entire body was bathed in flames.

At the same time, a ball of flames began to appear around him, growing in size.

“What, you cant possibly level up now”

Zhao Qishiba was not worried.

He said calmly, “I know you belong to the undead type, so normal injuries wont affect you.”

“But if I use all my strength, even if you dont die, youll lose a layer of skin!”

Zhou Mingrui sneered, “Come on, you can try.”

At the same time, the Spectral Hell Warhorse appeared beside him.

“So thats how it is.

You even have your own mount.” Zhao Qishiba was also taken aback at the sudden appearance of the warhorse, but he quickly regained his composure.

Zhou Mingrui mounted the warhorse and held his Nether Flame Bone Blade in his hand.

The flames on his body had already fused with the warhorse he was riding.

At that moment, him and the warhorse were like a single entity.

Their auras had fused into one, causing Zhou Mingruis aura to constantly grow stronger.

Zhao Qishiba didnt expect that Zhou Mingrui had a mount-type summoned spirit, and that he could even quickly enter a unified state with his warhorse.

Under such circumstances, Zhao Qishiba could sense Zhou Mingruis energy fluctuations skyrocket and reach a new height once again.

“Am I qualified to defeat you now” Zhou Mingrui, riding the Spectral Hell Warhorse, said indifferently.

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